Bigg Boss 4 Telugu Vote: 6 Contestants nominated for 7th week elimination!

As it enters its seventh week, Bigg Boss Telugu is just shy of the halfway point. It has been an emotional rollercoaster ride through the fourth season Bigg Boss 5 Telugu. This season was filled with high-intensity and well-crafted tasks. A lot of contestants also made Bigg Boss 5 difficult.

Six contestants have been eliminated from Bigg Boss 4 Telugu. One wild card entry Swati Dixit, which was submitted by Swati Dixit, was eliminated from the contestants’ pool three weeks ago. Kumar Sai was the last week’s expulsion. Monal and Ariyana, who were among the three lowest-ranked voters, received some breathing room after Kumar Sai’s expulsion.

Although Kumar Sai’s eviction was disappointing, the seventh week elimination nominations will be key to the prospects of the weaker contestants. You can vote online for your favorite Bigg Boss 4 Telugu contestant or give a missed call at the below-mentioned numbers. This weekend’s winner will be the housemate with the lowest number of votes.

Six contestants have been nominated to be eliminated this week. These are the contestants nominated for elimination in week 7.







Bigg Boss Telugu Nominations Task week 6

Bigg Boss 4 Telugu continues to come up with new ways to nominate contestants each week. The pairwise nominations were the 7th week’s elimination task. The contestants will be nominated by the housemates who gave them the most votes. They were asked to team up as follows, with one contestant being nominated for Bigg Boss Telugu Season 4.

Harika and Abhijeet – Harika was nominated

Avinash & Sohel – Avinash has been nominated

Ariyana and Mehaboob were nominated

Akhil and Monal were nominated

Divi and Lasya — Divi was nominated

Noel and Ammarajashekar – Noel won

Vote missed calls numbers of contestants who were nominated to be eliminated in the seventh week Bigg Boss 4 Telugu

Monal: 8886658201

Noel: 8886658213

Abhijeet: 8886658204

Avinash: 8886658217

Ariyana: 8886658210

Divi: 8886658214


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