4 Prerequisites To Go Over Before Buying CNC Machinery For Sale

Knowing what to buy when it comes to CNC (Computer Numerical Controlled) machinery is essential in many ways. When you know what you are in the market for, you can check if you have the use case for what you are getting and if you are being ripped off when making the purchase. CNC machines are expensive and can be challenging to maintain. It is hard to resist a good deal when you find CNC machinery for sale but knowing a few essentials before purchasing is crucial.

In this blog post, we will go over all the little things you need to know before making the big decision!

4 Essentials to Consider Before Buying CNC Machinery for Sale:

Industrial machine tools can be of great assistance, but they need to be respected. Timely maintenance and proper user training are essential to operate them without problems. Here are a few tips before you buy your first CNC machine.

Know Your Use Case:

Before buying your first CNC machine, knowing what you will use it for is important. You can’t buy a CNC milling machine if you have an automotive business. Things to consider are what my product is going to be, what kind of precision I need for them, what material I will use to make them, do I need a multifunctional machine with more than three axes, and what is my budget?

That leads us perfectly into the next tip, knowing your budget.


CNC machines can be expensive to afford, let alone maintain. Imagine eyeing a device for such a long time just to find out that it’s ridiculously out of your spending limit. Newer machines are expensive as compared to used ones. However, if you are going to buy a secondhand machine, make sure it hasn’t been extensively used since the working life of a CNC machine is ten years.

Some tradeoffs come along with buying a cheaper machine. For example, you may not get flexibility in terms of multitasking, or the device’s precision might not be good enough for you. If you get your machines from a reliable supplier like Flint Machine Tools, they can make sure you have all the necessary information before deciding.

Maintenance Cost:

Three tiers of maintenance are essential for your CNC machine to keep working in pristine condition. These are weekly, biannual, and annual maintenance. They include things like checking air supply for blockages, coolant and oil levels in hydraulics, lubrication, and mechanical working of the machine. Updating software is also a big part of maintenance.

People often don’t pay attention to maintenance, and they have broken machines. Fixing a CNC machine requires an expert, can take time, and cost you a pretty penny. Not to mention, your production may be stopped till the machine is ready for another round. Maintenance is a crucial aspect of such a precision device, and overlooking it is a big mistake!

Last but not least is taking proper training to use the machine before buying it.

CNC Training:

Considering the cost of CNC machines, lack of training is a price no one is willing to pay. It’s not a fun time when these machines break down. And it’s usually due to lacking expertise on how to use them. It is crucial to take proper training before you operate them. Breakdowns can lead to huge backlogs until the mechanics have it fixed up and running again. So, it’s better to stay safe than sorry.

As you can see, there is a lot more than what meets the eye when it comes to buying CNC machinery for sale. It’s a big purchase, and we believe this blog can adequately prepare you to for it!

For further information, visit the FAQs section below.


What should I look for when buying a CNC machine?

Before buying a CNC machine, things to consider include the number of parts it produces in a single cycle, how many axes it can work on, and its multitasking capabilities, height, fixture length, and weight.

What are the general requirements of CNC machines?

Requirements for CNC machines include:

  • Good math and mechanical aptitude
  • Proven experience in using CNC equipment
  • Being able to read and interpret mechanical drawings and documents
  • Ability to use CNC precision measurement tools
  • Tech-savvy with minimal knowledge in computer science

Can you cut wood with a CNC machine?

You can cut all types of wood with a CNC machine, provided the machine doesn’t use high temperatures to do it. Since wood can catch fire, it can create a hazardous situation.

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