Having a Private Label Amazon FBA Business

Amazon has become the world’s largest platform for buyers and sellers. Where billions of products are being sold and purchased on daily basis around the world. People are now more curious to start a business on amazon but the question that arises here is what to sell? So if thinking of producing a new product then selling it in the market will only consume more time, huge space for production and of course a lot of money for newly set-up and hiring employees but after doing this hard work you still don’t know either your customers are willing to buy it or not. 

Luckily you have another option and that is private label business model. Now the question that arises is what private label products are? Private label products are those products in hard and soft, which either someone manufacture by their own or ask another manufacturer to manufacture with branded features. You see brand names everywhere in stores, shopping malls, billboards, television, the internet, even in events. Brands like Dyson to Apple, Adidas to Nike, and Pepsi to Coca-Cola. 

You may have thought that only multi-national companies can establish their brands but that’s just a taboo. Even we as an average person can do that too because branded products are well marketed products that have gained a repute. 

Here are 6 steps that how to sell private labels on Amazon.

1. Research the potential products suitable for amazon private labeling;

Most sellers do a big mistake at this stage, they chose a product that they like and it’s not necessary that whatever you like has a demand also. The main point is choosing a product that has a demand on Amazon world, not the one that you like.

While choosing your product you need to consider some important points.

  1. Small and lightweight, not more than 1 Kg
  2. Avoid seasonal products
  3. Avoid fragile and sensitive products
  4. easy to sell
  5. Avoid complicated products
  6. Source your private label products:

Some platforms like Alibaba and Ali express are the ideal source where you can get multiple manufacturers and suppliers easily and can directly contact them. 

2. Decide on your manufacturer and price negotiation 

 Now you already know what you are going to sell and you have found the top best suppliers, now all you need to do is to compare the rates and do the negotiation on a fixed price. If you want you can ask for sample products as well. 

3. Final your logo design and packaging style:

For private labelling, you need to design your company logo and the best presentable packaging that attracts customers.

If you can design your logo personally then it’s well and good but if that is that I suggest you approach up work, Fiverr, and another freelance platform where you can find the best designer at a reasonable price. 

4. Create compelling Amazon listing

Once you are done with your private label product, all you need to do is to create a compelling Amazon listing which would be able to show case all of the features of your product.

Go for a detailed keyword research through some software tools and make sure to create an attractive title, bullet points, and quality images of your product and description of your product. It’s important to choose the best and relevant keywords because this will help customers to reach you easily.

Most of the sellers just go for wholesale as they think this is something which they cannot do. If this is the same case with you, it’s best to go visit the website of Zonebase.com and find more on how to sell private label products on Amazon.

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