How To Choose The Best Face Jewellery For Your Face Shape

When purchasing face jewellery, there are several variables to consider, ranging from your skin tone and hairdo to your dress sense and lifestyle. Another thing to consider is your face shape, since the proper pieces may not only accentuate your greatest features but also soften any harsher qualities.

Each person has a unique facial shape and understanding how various styles complement these forms helps guarantee that your face jewellery always works for you. When a piece of jewellery suits your face shape, it may give you a boost of confidence and make you more willing to wear it again and again. First and foremost, you must determine your facial form.

How Do I Determine My Facial Shape?

Each person’s face is generally one of six shapes: oval, round, heart, square, long, or pear. Follow these simple steps to determine which group your face belongs to:

Pull your hair back from your face so that it is totally off your face.

Draw an erasable marker around the shape of your face in a mirror, or have someone snap a picture of you staring directly into the camera, with your hairline visible. We recommend shooting one shot with a straight expression and one with a smile.

face jewellery type

  1. Jawline – There are different types of jawlines. Hold the measuring tape slightly below your ear, at the outside border of your jaw. Stretch the tape all the way to the point of your chin. You may determine your jawline measurement by multiplying this number by two, or by measuring the opposite side of your jaw and adding the two numbers together. There are many different jawline shapes. So be careful while deciding yours.
  2. The length of one’s face – From your hairline at the center of your forehead to the tip of your chin, measure the length of your face. Keep the measuring tape away from the curvature of your nose, since this will add length to your face. If you have a receding hairline, measure to where you believe your hairline used to be.
  3. Forehead – Straight across the broadest portion of your brow, hairline to hairline.
  4. Cheekbones – Your cheekbones may generally be felt with your fingertips. Find the most noticeable feature on your cheek. This is most likely underneath the outer corner of each of your eyes. Hold the measuring tape over your face, beginning at one cheekbone and ending at the other. Because the height of your nasal bridge may interfere, it is advisable to hold the measuring tape a few inches away from your face and eyeball the distance from cheekbone to cheekbone with the measuring tape in front.

1. Oval Face

A round face shape is rounded, while an oval face shape is longer than a round face form. It is referred to as the perfect face shape since the natural angles of your face merge together and your facial characteristics are evenly distributed. Oval faces do not have a broad brow or chin.

The oval face is the easiest to outfit, with nearly every earring design complementing and flattering the proportionate form. To minimize over-elongation, avoid anything with too much of a drop, but anything from studs to Huggies and hoops looks excellent on an oval face.

While it is true that oval features complement a broad range of face jewellery, there are a few things to bear in mind. Because an oval face is longer than it is wide, it is best to avoid earrings for oval face shape that are excessively long. Shorter earrings create a more balanced image by not emphasizing the lengthy face shape.

Similarly, shorter necklaces, such as collars that do not fall below the shoulders, are a smart bet. If you want to try a new appearance, choose earrings that “crawl” up the ear or earrings with upward-pointing shapes.

2. Round Face

A round face is the most like a circle. Circular-faced people have few sharp lines or angles on their chin and cheeks. Round cheeks can make the face appear broader and more round. If you have a round face, you should use longer earrings to add length to your face. Earrings for round face are long and slender will lengthen your face. Therefore, bridal jewellery for round face may include long earrings.

The major goal for those with round features is to avoid wearing face jewellery that makes their faces appear larger. This indicates that circular earrings are out instead, use teardrop or more narrowly shaped earrings.

Longing your facial silhouette, rather than expanding it, is the major goal for people with round-shaped faces. To achieve this, avoid rounder earrings in favor of long, hanging designs that provide the illusion of extra length.

Aim for lengthy, V-shaped necklaces for a balanced look when it comes to necklaces. Necklaces worn above the collarbone can accentuate the round form, so keep this in mind when you shop for new face jewellery.

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3. Rectangular Face/Oblong Face Shape

Look for circular earrings that will add curves to your face if you have a rectangular face. Choose round studs or rounded cluster earrings. Small jeweled hoops are an excellent choice for this facial type. Square jewellery, as well as anything long and thin, should be avoided

If you want to add some roundness, choose necklaces with round decorations, such as pearls of different sizes, or necklaces that stay in a rounded form around your collarbone. Choker and collar necklaces are also wonderful ways to increase breadth. Long drop necklaces that add length to your outfit should be avoided.

4. Circular Face

You want to lengthen your face, so seek long and straight earrings, such as straight drop earrings. Teardrop earrings are another nice option. Avoid round, stud, and cluster earrings since they add width to your face.

Look for V-shaped necklaces that reach at least past your collarbone. Y-shaped necklaces are also a good choice for you. Any necklace that does not fall below your collarbone should be avoided.

5. Face Triangle (Or Pear-Shaped)

The antithesis of the heart-shaped face is the triangle/pear-shaped face, which has a narrow brow and a broad jawline. Furthermore, the breadth of the face at the jawline and cheekbones is larger than the width of the face at the brow. The characteristics on the face might be harsh and angular or soft and curved, but the overall shape of the face is a pear or triangle. The goal of the triangle/pear-shaped face is to rebalance the face by making the forehead look broader and shifting the eye away from the jawline.

Keep in mind that opposites attract when it comes to the triangle/pear-shaped face, and go for heart-shaped hanging earrings—whatever will position the thinnest portion of the earring near to the jawline. This face requires face jewellery that adds width at or above the level of the cheekbones, thus ear cuffs and other designs that curve up the ears help to give the appearance of breadth. To add length, combine tiny post (button) designs with a few long narrow dangles. Hairstyles that add weight to the crown and temples are one approach used to counterbalance the triangle-shaped face, so consider adorned headbands, barrettes, or fascinators as well.

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6. The Diamond-Cut Face For Diamond Face Jewelry

The diamond-shaped face is balanced, sharp, and dramatic, with cheekbones that are wider than the forehead and jawline that are equally thin. The diamond-shaped face is slightly longer than it is wide and may wear nearly any neckline or face jewellery style. It is sometimes regarded as a more dramatic or angular variation of the “ideal” oval face shape. This is the most uncommon facial shape, and the characteristics inside the face are often sharp and dramatic. Choose designs and trends that draw attention to the diamond-shaped face’s prominent cheekbones.

If the patterns are proportionate to her face, earring for diamond shaped face has no restrictions, every kind of earrings suits on them. Long hairstyles should be avoided since they will extend the diamond-shaped face. Use designs that creep up the ear or have wings that reach upward to hide a small diamond-shaped face or an overly-long nose. Dangle earrings with teardrop, pear-shaped, or triangular drops provide breadth to a sharp jawline. Use triangles and cut crystals to mimic the diamond-shaped face’s dramatic and angular designs, or use hoops to soften the look of the diamond-shaped face.

7. Heart-Shaped Face

People with a broad forehead and a narrowing jawline fall into this group, which is also known as the inverted triangle face shape. As a result, the emphasis is on reversing the natural appearance – widening the jawline and narrowing the forehead. Pair your outfit with broad designer earrings and traditional hanging pearl earrings to create the illusion of a longer jawline, diverting attention away from the wide forehead. Hanging hoops and triangular patterns work equally well. Small chokers and strong stones that channel the emphasis towards your chin and balance the appearance are ideal for necklaces.

Few Things To Look Out For

  1. Make sure your earrings start as near to the ear lobe as feasible. Avoid earrings with overly long hooks or settings that reach too close to the lobe.
  2. The chunkier the earrings, the smaller the face, and vice versa. Chunky earrings might be too much for people with big features.
  3. If you’re wearing oversized earrings, avoid wearing extra face jewellery gems like maang-tika or a hefty necklace unless it’s your wedding day, of course. It will overpower your face and detract attention from your earrings. Instead, accessorize with a great hairstyle or bangles.
  4. Leaving your fair open or arranging it in such a way that it frames your face may make huge earrings look smaller. Similarly, wrapping hair away from the face might draw attention to tiny earrings.
  5. Small and delicate solitaire danglers look well on every face shape. They are also a timeless classic that looks excellent with both western and Indian clothing.

The form of the earring is the single most important aspect in determining how well it will complement your face. If you pay close attention to this detail, you will never possess a set of earrings that you don’t like!

Style It Correctly With Face Jewellery Complimenting Face Shape

Not only is face jewellery an essential component of a woman’s wardrobe, but it also reflects her personality. For some people, the type of face jewellery they wear has become associated with their personality. In fact, the modern Indian lady values face jewellery more than ever since she must now walk the delicate line between traditional and business attire.

The passage of time has only resulted in fresher forms and more adaptable designs that match changing lives, societal trends, and mindsets. The present fashion requires that you choose face jewellery with adaptability that can be worn with both ethnic and Western attire while keeping their and their wearer’s originality. Everything from tikas and earrings to necklaces and bangles all Indian face jewellery might fall under this category.

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