How To Drive Digital HR Transformation Effortlessly

Driving digital HR transformation seems difficult at first, with half the knowledge or less experience. HR leaders need to invest their time in learning new tools and systems to streamline the process. As, without automation and setting up workflows, digital HR transformation will again be another task with a lot of new processes to add and look after. HR leaders do not have that much time. They are the next in line to make strategic decisions for the organisation, after CEOs and CFOs. Thus, learn better ways to put together the best strategies and systems like HRMS software in India for boosting and envisioning to capitalise on digital HR transformation. 

5 Best Ways To Drive HR Digital Transformation At Your Workplace:

Mobile enabled systems do the deed

Now is the time for flexible work culture. Gone are the days of sitting tirelessly in one position and doing work 9 to 5 and breaking your mental capabilities. 

This is a smart generation of workforce and leaders we are talking about. For them to drive digital HR transformation and paperless business outcomes, they need tools that are accessible on the move. 

The work is not halting anymore or stopping at all, but the mobile friendly system and tools make it swift, seamless, and engaging. While writing this blog post, I am in a cab travelling and yet keeping my work and deliverables on track with the team. Such is the swiftness that digital HR tools bring in when they want to streamline hire to retire journeys of their workforce. 

Planning holidays for employees are honest and seamless

For digital HR transformation, HR needs to create a holiday calendar. It must be visible to all the staff, and they must know if they are eligible for the same. Employees deserve a break from their routine so they can come back to work with stronger drive and enthusiasm to deliver tasks on or before timelines. 

They do not need to chase the HR anymore. Their holiday calendar is one click away. They check the dates and their leave balances.

If ever in doubt, employees can raise a ticket or read the company policy again. Rest assured, it smartens the workforce to plan their life ahead because work is not everything. An honest and valuable digital HR transformation teaches and conditions the staff to be self-reliant and responsible enough for their own work life journeys and experiences. 

Now, isn’t that wonderful when you know when to take a leave without asking beforehand from your manager? The work and rest of your life are set in the right motion and find the right balance. 

Leaves and attendance systems bring forward team discipline

In a growing culture, you are to work with different employees and teams. Each of an employee will be required to take a leave or punch in at their time zones or according to their rosters. 

However, the idea of diverse teams seems challenging without a unified platform to mark the leaves and attendance of everyone. 

A smart and complete HRMS does that for you in India. The leave and attendance module is for everyone to punch in and punch out their details whenever they start working or get off. 

Teams know when someone is on leave on the homepage of the tool. It makes their life easier to apply for leaves or holidays when needed the most. There is no involvement of HR as such now.

Even the role of reporting manager gets dismissed and is only left to the approvals. The system sends out automatic emails to each user for late log ins or log outs – depending upon the configuration and validation that is set by the HR initially. 

Nonetheless, even reporting managers get to supervise the retention, attrition, and absenteeism rate in their teams. When someone is taking too many leaves, they can easily nurture the person to work according to the culture and drive them in the right direction to deliver outputs efficiently.

A unified platform for core HR operations reduces business costs

HR professionals need a unified platform to carry out their core HR tasks effortlessly. This reduces their dependency on other platforms or tools. They do not switch between hundreds of tabs or browsers. All information they need is available a click or a button away. It saves their time and total business overhead costs in the long run. 

From preboarding to onboarding and from talent management to talent development, HR leaders sort everything out in the best HRMS software in India. It makes the journey easy for HR leaders and CHROs. 

Additionally, it does not matter if the company grows in leaps and bounds. There can be multiple hiring and departure from the company or the team. The software will help employers adjust and safely keep the employee data without additional cost. 

Employed data management is easy and paperless

HR professionals access the data on the go and on their smart devices without a flaw. They need instant information as to who is on leave, who is active or online, and who is working from home today. This is all accessible online for HR leaders and reporting managers to review their team’s performance during the day. 

There is no dependency for team leaders to use the paperwork and create an Excel as to who is online at the moment or what projects they are working on. Project management and active employee data are available within a few clicks to the team leaders or reporting managers. 

With the best HRMS HCM HRIS software or system, the data is online and paperless. Super admin can give the right access to the viewers or the authoritative people as per the organisational chart. This helps to keep the privacy level intact for all. 


It is easy to drive HR digital transformation with advanced and agile human resource management software. There might be many tools available online. Only a few are easy to use, cost effective, and intelligent to reduce business costs at the right time. Employers need to sharpen their research, test a few tools online, and check if they get a free demo. Then, they need to check if the tool they choose for HR digital transformation is agile, customisable, configurable, and flexible or not. 

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