How to Get Toll Free Number for Your Business?

All businesses, irrespective of industry or market, always need to have an efficient way to contact their targeted audience in a hassle-free manner. Companies and organizations want to communicate with their potential customers 24/7. Customers love getting the right information from the right resource without wasting their valuable time and money. That is why a toll-free telephone number with the prefix 1800 brings customers to businesses without any call charges. The best part of this toll free number is that companies pay all the charges for outgoing and incoming calls instead of the caller. The mainstream of toll-free number service works like this:

  • Callers dial the toll-free number.
  • Calls are forwarded to actual phone numbers, mapped behind toll-free numbers
  • Agents receive calls and the toll-free number owners pay for the call. 

Find the content below showing you how to get toll free number for business in the least amount of time. 

Get a 1800 Toll-Free Number in India for Business

Some toll-free codes are 800, 887, 888, 866, 833, 855, or 844. These codes come before some phone numbers. We call such numbers as toll free phone numbers. A toll-free number lets the person dial the number for free of charge and instantly connect with the customer care executive. If you are the owner of the number, you must pay the bill for all incoming and outgoing calls. But it will give you a reason to grow your customer base, business, and overall reputation. This number allows your prospects to call you with inquiries.

Many people take a virtual phone number and a toll-free number same. But both are quite different. In simple terms, virtual phone numbers are telephone numbers on the cloud. They are associated with a telephone line and formatted to forward all incoming calls to specific phone numbers. On the other hand, a toll-free number is a virtual phone number available in some preset formats, such as 1800-XXX-XXXX. Your potential customers can reach you via toll free numbers, as the business pays the cost of calling these numbers.

In India, “1800” is the prefix used for toll-free numbers followed by a 6- or 7-digit number. Interestingly, the call is free even when callers call from landline or mobile phone numbers, and owners of the toll-free number pay for the call. This way, it is a win-win situation for customers and owners as well. 

Generally, virtual phone numbers plus the prefix “1860” are followed by a seven-digit number. Such numbers are local rate numbers. Callers pay the local rate when they call these numbers and owners of the number pay long-distance call charges if needed. In India, big or small telephone service providers offers you toll-free numbers, and you can also get numbers from cloud telephony service providers like Fonada. When getting toll-free numbers for telephone service providers, local franchise can help in your city or area. Let’s understand how to get a toll free number. The process is straightforward:

Step 1: Start things by choosing your 1800 toll-free number

Step 2: Then, enter the forwarding number (changeable in real-time).

Step 3: Input your IVR script 

Step 4: Setup a business account

Step 5: Confirm to reserve toll free numbers for Instant Activation

The procedure of having toll free numbers is more or less the same worldwide. If you are interested in having your toll free number you need to choose a flexible pricing plan. It will be good for you to try out a comprehensive guide on cloud telephony functionality. 

Smart ways a toll-free number can help your business grow

A toll-free number is a cost-free phone number that allows customers to call a business without incurring long distance charges. Here are some ways that a toll-free number can help a business grow:

Increased accessibility: A toll-free number makes it easy for customers to reach a business from anywhere in the country, increasing the chances of making a sale.

Professional image: A toll-free number can give a business a more professional image and make it appear larger and more established.

Better customer service: A toll-free number can help businesses provide better customer service by making it easier for customers to reach customer service representatives.

Increased customer loyalty: A toll-free number can help increase customer loyalty by making it easier for customers to contact the business with questions or concerns.

Increased sales: A toll-free number can increase sales by making it easier for customers to contact a business and place orders.

Marketing: A toll-free number can be included in marketing campaigns, making it easy for customers to remember how to contact the business.

Analytics: Having a toll-free number can provide businesses with call analytics such as call duration, call volume, caller location and more, which can be used to improve business processes.

Flexibility: Toll-free numbers can be forwarded to any phone number, allowing businesses to provide customer service from anywhere, even if they’re out of the office.

Overall, a toll-free number can provide many benefits to a business, by making it more accessible, more professional, and more responsive to customer needs. This can ultimately lead to increased sales and better customer satisfaction, which can help a business grow.


In conclusion, a toll-free number can be a valuable asset for businesses of all sizes. It can increase accessibility, improve customer service, and boost sales. By following the steps outlined in this blog post, you can easily get your own toll-free number for your business. It is vital to consider factors such as cost, service providers, and call forwarding options before making a decision. 

A toll-free number can give your business a more professional image and make it appear larger and more established, it can also provide you with valuable call analytics to help improve your business processes. With the right toll-free number in place, your business can be well on its way to growth and success.

Get in touch with a reliable cloud telephony solutions provider for a reliable toll-free number. 

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