Top Christmas Desserts to Make your Christmas Merrier

Christmas is a fun time as we get a chance to spend time with our family members. It’s time for Santa and presents. This union becomes more interesting when we have delicious desserts to relish. Dessert is the last but the best part of the meal, as it completes the feast. We’ve got these Christmas desserts to make this Christmas. Hope you pick one of these to make your christmas extra merrier

Gingerbread truffles

Cold weather and gingerbread are the perfect match. You can taste toasted nuts, white chocolate, spices and ginger snap in this dessert item. The main ingredients used are ground ginger, gingersnap crumbs, white chocolate chips, cloves, cinnamon, nuts and evaporated milk. This wonderful dessert will warm up your Christmas evening.

Sticky Toffee Pudding

Sticky Toffee Pudding is one of the most relished desserts on christmas. A dark, date-filled cake is soaked in a thick toffee sauce for an ultra-decadent treat. Make this a few days in advance so that the sauce absorbs for a super rich and sticky feel.

Plum Cakes 

A Christmas dessert list is incomplete without plum cake . For centuries, people have been seen to recognize Christmas – the festival of eating some super delicious plum cakes. Plum cake is a German-origin dessert filled with some nutritious assortment of dried fruits. These dried cakes can also be made from dried fruits such as currants, raisins. There are a wide range of christmas cakes online that you order from a store near you and send you loved ones as a token of christmas gifts. 

Mince Pie

Mince Pie, a traditional Christmas pudding, is delicious, nutritious and delicious. Mince pie is a sweet English pie. The crunchy pie is stuffed with a mix of dried fruits, apples, and brandy and makes a delightful treat to add to the joyous joy of Christmas.

White Chocolate Truffles 

Bake these sweet and lovely yummy truffles with ease at your home. All you need is some cheesy white cream, chocolate and holly sprinkles to decorate it. You have to dip the chocolate in white cream and let it sit for some time and then finally decorate it with sprinkles. This is definitely going to be a treat for the taste buds.

Peppermint Bark Cheesecake

If Christmas wouldn’t be the same without Peppermint Bark, let us introduce you to this Peppermint Bark Cheesecake. This creamy, decadent dessert has a chocolate-cookie crust, peppermint bark, peppermint extract, and crushed candy canes for garnish. It is minty fresh and a showstopper on the desert table. 

Christmas Pudding 

Another Christmas staple. The delicious and evergreen Christmas pudding is a foodie’s dream come true. An excellent assortment of fruits, wine and nuts, this delightful treat is a party winner


Tiramisu is one of our most popular dishes every Christmas, with good reason. Make this creamy coffee-flavored dessert a few days before Christmas to make it even more delicious.

Peanut Snowballs

Sounds like a Christmas dessert? This is the one and you will say the same once you are ready. Just mix peanut butter and normal butter. Make balls out of it and put some sugar powder in these balls. Let it freeze and your dessert is ready!

Rum ball

Rum, chocolate and Christmas celebrations go hand in hand. Celebrate with these charming chocolate bite-size balls. You just can’t stop at one.


Festive fruits and edible add-ons make these brownies extra special. Sprinkle some crunchy biscuits and rich chocolate truffle over it and some edible gold spray for a mouth-watering dessert. Dust with icing sugar to create an icy effect.

Zebra cookies

These cookies have two colors, white and black. The white color comes from common cookie dough, all-purpose flour, and vanilla essence is its main ingredient. The dark black color comes from chocolate. You Can Make These Cookies With Regular Household Items.

Christmas strudel

The Christmas strudel is a perfect welcoming christmas dessert, whether served for dessert or as a special treat during tree pruning. You can make this as your choice of dessert to treat your loved ones. 

Make your Christmas merrier with these Christmas cakes and desserts and treat your friends and family. Avail online cake delivery in Nagpur and make this festive a memorable one. 

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