Which Tool can Solve Quickbooks Error Code H202?

Users often receive error code H202 when switching the Quickbooks software to multi-user mode. This error is usually caused by a blocked multi-user connection to the server system used for keeping QB company files (QBW). And accessing the company files will be restricted if you are unable to communicate with the server. Hence, this will stop you from completing the most crucial tasks. 

Here, this post will help you identify the root cause of QuickBooks Error H202 and permanent repairing methods. The troubleshooting steps are explained in a simplified way to help you repair the error fastly.

Causes Behind QuickBooks Error H202

We will be discussing the causes of the QuickBooks H202 Error now. The software encounters this error, while trying to establish a connection with the file but fails. The reasons for this situation are:

  • Incorrect settings for hosting.  
  • The firewall on the server is blocking all incoming and outgoing communications.  
  • Interference with DNS server.
  • QuickBooks cannot find the IP address of the server or host system hosting your company file.  
  • The server computer is not running certain internal QuickBooks services, such as QBCFMonitor or QuickBooksDBXXX.  
  • The network data file (.ND) is damaged.  

Solutions for Quickbooks Error H202

Solution 1: From a Workstation, Ping Your Server

To check your connection, ping your server from each computer/ workstation to check for Error H202.

Step 1: Switch on Network Discovery
  • Firstly, open “Windows Start”.
  • Next, type “Network” into the empty search box. Then access “Network Sharing Center”.  
  • Then, hit “Change Advanced Sharing Settings”.    
  • Hover to “Printer Sharing” and “Network Discovery File”. Now ensure that you’ve chosen “Turn On Network Discovery”.
Step 2: Get the Name of your Server
  • Open “Windows Start”.  
  • Now type “Run”.
  • There, type “CMD” and press “Enter”.
  • Type ipconfig/all in the CMD screen. Then click “Enter”.  
  • Under Windows IP Configuration area, search for the host name. The right side of the screen will show your server name.
  • You can either write it down once you have it or copy it into a word document to make it easily accessible.
Step 3: Test Network Connectivity

To test your server, return to your computer/hosting system. You may find these steps difficult, so if you want some help, contact an IT professional.

  • Hold “Windows+R” to open “Run”.
  • Then write “CMD”, and tap on “OK”.
  • Now, from your computer you need to ping the server.  
  • Moving on, write in the ping_server name. Hit “Enter”.
  • All systems that are affected by the Quickbooks Error Code H202 can be used to perform the above steps.
  • If you get a slow response or you lose a packet, it could be a problem with the network. In this case, a repair may be necessary.

Solution 2: Remove the.ND File and Create A New

QuickBooks.ND files are used to keep network configuration information. This helps QuickBooks connect to other systems on the workstation. If this file is damaged, the software will experience connection problems. After deleting the file, QuickBooks will create a new copy of the.ND file automatically without any errors. The steps are:

  • Tap on search bar on the desktop and find *.nd.
  • Hit “Enter”.  
  • You can delete the.nd file from the results.
  • Navigate to All Programs > QB > QB Database Server Administrator.
  • Thereafter, hit “Scan Folder” >> then “Add Folder”.
  • Moving on, browse your company file, then tap “OK”.
  • Now, click “Scan” to begin the scanning process.  
  • After the scan is concluded, tap on “Close”.

Solution 3: QB Install Diagnostic Tool

The QB Connection Diagnostic Tool can resolve damage and errors in your company file, which may cause network problems. It will allow you to connect with the company file on the host system and repair the H202 error. The steps are:

Firstly, visit the Inuit website and then download the tool.

  • Tap-twice on “Exe File” from the download folder. After the tool opens, follow the instructions for the installation.  
  • The Diagnostic Tool will usually open automatically after the installation has been concluded. After that, you can access the QB diagnostic tool to efficiently repair any network or server problems.  

After downloading the Connection Diagnostic Tool,

  • Hover to “Utilities”, tap on “Repair Network Problems”.
  • Now, hit “YES” on the following window, and click “Continue”.
  • Pick the damaged file then choose “Show Advanced Setting”.  
  • Once done, choose the problem/error that you are experiencing with your Network via the dropdown list.  
  • In the end, simply, log in to move ahead.  

This could take some time. So please wait until Quickbooks Install Diagnostic tool resolves your data errors and network problems of multi-user compatibility. After the scan is concluded, restart the software and resume your daily work. 

Final Words

Our blog addresses all from basics to in-depth information about Quickbooks Error Code h202 in your system. This post also covers all the technical steps that are super effective and have helped many users solve QuickBooks error H202 quickly. Lastly, we are hopeful that you have found the solution to your problem here.

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