5 SUCCESSFUL Custom Packaging TYPES FOR branding

Since its inception, printing and packaging technologies have been constantly evolving. Every new product brings a new style and design to the packaging. This topic has been a hot topic. These are some of the options you have to make your printed cardboard packaging stand out from your competition. The rise of the packaging industry is dependent on many factors. Design and stock selection are two of the most important factors. The same goes for product packaging styling. It is a great channel to spread the brand’s message. Here are some examples of the top 2021 product packaging style, design, and stock selection trends. You only need to read this article and decide which style and manufacturing method best suits your printed cardboard packaging. For the ultimate business boost, choose the one that best suits your brand.

How packaging and its importance has increased in the last years

The coronavirus has had a profound impact on the world’s landscape. Everything has changed, from our lifestyles to how we view medical procedures. The same holds for the packaging and printing industries. There has been a growing demand for better practices in the packaging and printing industry since the outbreak of covid-19. Packaging that reduces viral transmission and lowers the risk of covid-19 is a must. Research has shown that the SARS-CoV-2 infection can survive for up to a day on porous surfaces such as plastic but not on porous surfaces like wood.

However, it is more susceptible to spreading to permeable surfaces. The best options for permeability are cardboard and sustainable packaging. Many socially conscious companies are using permeable packaging to reduce the risk of their product packaging spreading the infection. These will be the most popular printed custom cardboard boxes in 2021. The second is sustainable packaging, which will continue to be popular. The environment we live in is in grave danger, as we all know. Recycling printed packaging solutions are the best way to solve this problem. This trend is relevant to candle products.

What is sustainable packaging and why do you need it for your business?

Let’s first discuss sustainable packaging. This post will discuss how eco-friendly printed candles packaging boxes can be a benefit to your business branding. It adds a brand value to your candle lighting that no other packaging can offer. It will guarantee your brand’s elevation if you market your candle lights in eco-friendly packaging. It also suggests that businesses can help reduce the amount of waste by choosing eco-friendly products. It contributes to the green aspect that helps in the reduction of carbon and nitrogenous waste. Want to find out how it works? You will learn how to make your next cardboard packaging project easier. You can also make them more eco-friendly by modern manufacturing.

Why will your customers prefer reusable boxes over other boxes?

Make sure that the solution can be reused by end-users. These boxes can be reused, which will reduce the amount of trash and make it possible to use more useful products. It is becoming a necessity for companies to demonstrate corporate social responsibility (CSR) in recent years. This is a way for companies to increase the awareness of their brand. This is done by choosing the most suitable solution for your clients and end-users. This will reduce paper waste and provide you with style options. It also reduces the delivery costs for your customers.

E-commerce and the necessity of packaging boxes

E-commerce will continue to grow, which means that smaller, lighter packaging is essential for reducing delivery costs. For any type of branding, clear typography and labeling are essential. This is why many products get lost in the crowd. You must have clear labels and font styles to compete with your competitors. This will make your packaging boxes more appealing and unique. This will make it easier for your customers to identify your brand among the many similar products. Many consumers desire to purchase products quickly, but this wish has never been more strong since the outbreak. Clear typography is being used by many organizations to instantly identify their brand to anyone unfamiliar. Developers could use the following to make typography easy to read from a variety of items already in circulation:

  • Shade schemes that correspond to a company’s theme.
  • The use of bright colors and shades has a positive effect on the psychology of buyers and their interests.
  • Font style and labels should always be easily read and visible.

Make sure your typography is easily recognizable from far away. It will help your brand be more visible on both wholesale and retail shelves.

Make sure to choose the right material for your packaging

It evolved into a variety of modern cardboard boxes through marketing strategies and innovations. These prefabricated boxes are available in many different styles and patterns. No matter what industry you work in, these boxes can be used to display, secure, and deliver any type of product. This is true for different types of paper used in manufacturing cardboard stock. Cardstock paperboard, corrugated fiberboard, and sustainable recycled packaging options are all used to make cardboard packaging.

 Let’s learn more about cardboard and how it can become a more useful packaging solution. Cardboard material is composed of one or two liner boards that are then fluted into sheets. You can choose to have it corrugated or simple. This type of cardboard structure is essential for shipping corrugated boxes. These boxes are ideal for transporting heavy cargo across continents. Their strength and durability are what are most important. Wholesale boxes are generally safer than regular cardboard. They are suitable for delicate and fragile items.

It is important to mention that the corrugated structure was created in the middle of the 19th century for the safe delivery of pottery or glassware. These products were shipped by sea, so it was important to ensure their safety and security. These boxes are normally made from containerboard. It is a paper-like material that starts at 0.01 inches thick. To create a strong custom cardboard boxes structure, many layers are glued together. Its weight could be as high as 224 grams. It could be multi- or single-play, depending on how much weight you have available.

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