5 Ways to Keep Your Clean During Renovations

The right renovation project can help improve the value of your home and increase its resale price. That’s why choosing the right home renovation project is essential. But no matter what renovation project you choose, it will require cleaning up. 

You can speed up the renovation project and keep the home clean at the same time with a little effort. It will help you get a clear look at how you want your place to be renovated and what things can be removed from a room. 

Here are some tips to help you maintain a clean home during renovations. 

Clean the Area Before

Before you start with the home improvement project, you should try to clean the area as much as possible. Cleaning the area beforehand ensures that the subcontractors have enough space to move in and out of the renovation area.

It can help reduce items in your home that are affected by the renovation. You will be surprised by how much mess can spread around the room when you are getting a part of your home renovated. After the project is completed, you can hire dumpster rental services to get rid of waste like landscaping waste from your recent yard renovation. 

Cover Things Up

There might be some items in the room that cannot be replaced so it is best to cover up those things. Use plastic sheeting to help keep your items protected to avoid liquid splattering over it.

Covering up items will help you ensure that dust and debris have fewer chances to land of the cracks that may be harder for you to clean later. 

Block the Renovation Area

Even if you separate out the renovation area, the dust and debris can reach the rest of the house. You can still reduce the amount of debris by blocking off the renovation area.

You can hang plastic covers on the doorways of the places that will have renovations in them. Even though dust can still get through the doorway, it will be way less since you have it covered.

Protect the Furniture 

You might not be able to move some furniture pieces from the renovation area because it’s too heavy. So, in this case, you need to protect the furniture. You can use plastic covers and drop cloth to cover and protect the furniture from dust and debris.

Another way to keep your expensive furniture clean is to hire movers who can bring the large pieces into storage units temporarily. You can try this solution if you have a flexible budget.

Dust Daily 

You might avoid dusting during the first few days of renovation especially if it is barely noticeable. But if you keep on ignoring the dusting part, it becomes apparent that requires more cleaning.

It is best to dust regularly to avoid getting to the point where the dust is quite apparent. Even if you don’t see dust, continue to clean every day while the renovation is still going on. It can help reduce the buildup of dust over time. 

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