Advantages of Using Handheld PDA

In traditional inventory management, calculations and statistics are done manually, which is time-consuming and labor-intensive. With traditional data processing, data is difficult to access, analyze and share. Due to the traditional calculation error, there are several requirements to maintain stock in stock.

As technology advances, Handheld PDA is widely used in warehouse management. When listing common warehouse management processes, they must control the planning, calculation, inventory, and other steps. However, the use of PDAs and industrial solutions simplifies the entire inventory process. Employees can view and share behind-the-scenes product data using the PDA to improve data accuracy and timely and food storage performance.

Low price

Portable PDA is widely used in warehouse management, calculation, collection, inspection, transfer, and other easy-to-use tasks that can reduce costs and improve performance.

Information management

The primary function of data management is a specialized function consisting of hand-related solutions that are widely used in warehouse management. It can create data format, track delivery, automate diagnostic rules and ultimately create data format. From the datasheet, they get information about the product, the source of investment, which provides information for decision making.

Find quick results

By conventional calculation, it is difficult to find items in a warehouse, despite a clear ranking and a number of warehouses.

When you use PDAs and portable labels in stock, you can quickly see the product by looking at the labels.

Urovo is an industrial handheld manufacturer with a research center and production line that supports 1D and 2D barcode scanning for pasting UHF, NFC, and DPM RFID tags? Industrial Protection IP67-certified industrial PDAs are widely used in logistics, manufacturing, utilities, retail, medical industry, and other industries.

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