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Checkweigher is suitable for ensuring the weight yield of subsequent products on the production line and preventing defective products from being produced. Checkweighing comes in a variety of models depending upon the material characteristics. The weighing range is wide, and it has an intelligent design with self-adjusting parameters and automatically generated statistical reports. Later we will also discuss checkweigher manufacturers

 Various parameter configurations can be configured with this system in different countries or regions, and it features a flexible human-machine interface that makes it more convenient for parameter selection. Its high-speed and high-precision modules and stable working conditions offer high performance and high efficiency. With its touch-screen interface, the three speeds can be adjusted directly.

It is suitable for many different application environments with the ability to adjust speed for different speeds in different environments. The disassembly method varies depending on the material used, for example, stop, swing rod, air push, air blow, slide, flip plate. A food-grade belt ensures a safe production process, while it’s easy disassembly and easy cleaning make it a convenient choice. In addition, its dust-proof design lends itself to non-standard applications and special application environments. Customization is also available for this product. 


Checks are conducted on flexible and hard-packed products, such as bulk paper bag packaging, plastic packaging, carton packaging, metal film packaging.

Here are some product details:

A wide range of inspections can be performed on this machine and a maximum inspection weight of 30 kg, wide weighing ranges, high precision, and high speed. In addition to bulk paper bags, plastic bags, cartons, and metal film packaging, this machine can be used to weigh other rigid packaging products. Weighers for sorting and checking to weigh have a stable working state and a wide weighing range. They can be equipped with belts for transport or rollers for holding, according to the customer’s needs.

High speed and accuracy:

Detects small packages and unqualified items of single weight with high accuracy and speed using the YCW-100/G150 series of checkweigher manufacturers.

A dynamic check weigher can be used in many industries such as food, pharmaceuticals, agriculture, cosmetics, and others. High-speed check weighers can accurately weigh small items with an accuracy of 0.1 grams. We also detect overweight or defective products (such as powders, fragments, liquids, drugs). Tablets and capsules are detected easily with our equipment.

Connected to multiple devices and stores data:

 A dynamic check weigher contains data storing and multi-device connectivity functions. Three hundred sixty-five days of production data can be recorded. It is also possible to store the data directly on a USB stick. In addition, the check weigher can be used to manage multiple machines at once and connect peripheral equipment.

Compatible with existing production lines:

 The YCW-100/G150 Series High Speed & Accuracy Checkweighers have adjustable heights. The height can be adjusted between 400 and 1200 mm. (plus or minus 100 mm). Moreover, our checkweigher manufacturers system can be easily integrated into any production line, allowing you to increase working efficiency.

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