Boho Dress styling to avoid hippie look?

If you deem yourself a gypsy, then wearing boho dresses might prove well and should be a perfect way to express your earthy and unique personality.

It is worthy of appreciation that celebrities like Kate Moss, Sienna Miller, and the Olsen twins as having embraced this natural look and hence added a touch of glitz and glamour. Boho style is fun in itself, but how do you style it without looking like you’re stuck in the 70s?

Here’s how to look after wearing Boho dresses without looking like an old hippie.

  1. Choose free and flowing fabrics.

Comfortable, loose-fitting, flowing fabrics are part of boho dresses. An easy way to achieve this look is with a flowy scarf top.

You will look more boho-chic than old hippie if you pay attention to two things: Quality and size. Parallel to the boho dresses, the chicest scarf tops are made of high-quality, luxurious fabrics. Choose a top that is silky or chiffon, or made of loose linen that is well-made at the edges. Your top should be looking cheap in quality it is rough, flimsy, or too sheer. A little bit lose is also good, but if a scarf top is too bulky or extra-long, it can give a feeling of wearing a tablecloth instead of a scarf.

This scarf top is a great example of a nice boho chic scarf top. It’s rather elegant, and the V-neck is very flattering for several reasons:

1)Showing some skin is youthful, and

2) the V-neck draws the eye down, along the center of your body, making you look long and lean. No doubt, this scarf top is quite beautiful because of the asymmetrical cut and it gives you an eccentric look due to being longer on the back and sides.

The scarf top is just a carefree style. Here are some more boho tops. Also, I always prefer my favorite type of scarf that is a peasant-style top.

  1. Wear flared jeans

A well-crafted pair of flared jeans in white color not only gives an enchanting look yet very boho and west coast. They look super chic with a luxe flowy scarf, tunic, or boho peasant top.

Bootcut or skinnies are fine too, but if you really want a retro touch, a cool pair of bell-bottoms is the way to go. The bonus? Flared pants are great if you want to balance out wider hips.

  1. Have fun with fancy prints.

Boho dresses are all about your inner self mentioning the artistic expression that includes lots of prints with a feel of being wild, colorful, and free-flowing.

If you want to live out your boho side, look for those boho dresses that feature eye-catching prints in a variety of colors. This fabulous dress featured with swirl print gives a fun boho vibe. I make it more attractive by adopting an elegant clutch and leather shoes to give it an entirely meaningful modern look.

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