Bts Members: Real Names, Age, Networth, Girlfriends

When it comes to our favorite band BTS, we want to know everything about them.

So many questions wander into our minds. How many members are in BTS? What is BTS members net worth? What are BTS members religion? When is BTS members birthday lie? In this blog, we will be addressing all the questions.

All seven members of the BTS are as attractive as they are talented, and you certainly won’t be alone if you’ve ever questioned about the relationship status. After all, none of its members have ever been in the public with a relationship since this K-pop group was established in June 2013. This is perhaps because of widespread practice in the pop music industry in South Korea, in which boys and girls bands can not date in public to safeguard their careers. The BTS members do not seem to be too lonely with their current album, Butter.

The group is probably the world’s leading K-pop group and has contributed greatly to the genre of mainstream American stations. How many BTS members are there? They are seven members themselves who have grown famous and churning out hits after hits, fans die to know all their life details.

Bts Members Oldest To Youngest

Do you have any ideas there are how many members in BTS? There are 7 BTS members. BTS members age varies between 23 and 28, with their youngest member only 15 when their band debuted. Below are the details on the age of BTS members

Here are BTS members age:

  • Hope is 27 years old – February 18, 1994, is his birthday.
  • RM is 26 years old – and this BTS members birthday is on 12 September 1994.
  • Jimin’s 25 years old and October 13, 1995, is his birthday.
  • At 28 years of age, Jin is the oldest BTS member. He was born on 4 December 1992.
  • The birthday of Suga is 9 March 1993, which makes him 28 years old
  • V is 25 years of age – and this BTS members birthday is on December 30, 1995, is his birthday.
  • At 23 years of age, Jungkook is the youngest BTS member – his birthday is on 1 September 1997.

Bts Members Height

The seven exceptional members of BTS, here are the BTS members name RM, J-hope, Jin, Suga, Jimin, V, and Jungkook, form the Big Hit Entertainment group BTS. All have varied ages, charisma, and different height from 174 cm to 177 cm. They all have different height ranges. Therefore, every Member’s genuine height from the group leader, RM, to their youngest member.

Bts Members Height

  • RM’s Height

BTS member known as RM is known to have the true name of Kim Namjoon, leader of BTS band members and roughly 181 cm high. 

  • Jin’s Height

A beautiful visual feature is the BTS member, sometimes called ‘The World Handsome’ notably Jin. He also has a proportional height, where he is claimed to have a height of 179 cm apart from his face.

  • V’s Height

In addition to Jin, BTS’s V is also the most beautiful and well-shaped member. His height further enhances the magnificence of his face, since his height is about 179 cm high.

  • Jungkook’s Height

In addition to his superb vocals, Jungkook also has many abilities, the youngest member of BTS is extraordinary in appeal. Although Jungkok is the youngest member, he is about 179 cm high and pretty tall.

  • J-Hope’s Height

You know J-Hope is definitely! J-Hope is the BTS member that always promotes mood for those around him, in addition, all dance movements that interest people all the time. But did you really realize that J-Hope is 177 centimeters high?

  • Suga’s Height

This rapper seems quite adorable. Suga is famous for his icy attitude, but he’s a very adorable person behind him! Because of its height of roughly 176 cm, Suga is also cuter. He seems slimmest, irrespective of his height.

  • Jimin’s Height

Jimin is termed the cutest member, in addition to Suga. He is the angel of BTS (band) members and gives everybody a smile. This beautiful angel is around 175 cm high and somewhat petite. However, he still appears like the other members. Jimin has a tall neck.

Dating History Of All Members Of Bts

Those who know K-Pop artists and the K-Pop industry generally know that “no dating” conditions have often formed contracts in order to add to the attraction of artists fans and supporters. In the past, the Big Hit Entertainment label of the group was laxer than other labels, but if it reaches out to the love lives of the lads it was not proven.

  • Jungkook Dating History

Jungkook’s dream lady is a woman who’s at least 168cm, is a decent wife, cooks well, is smart, beats pretty legs, is pleasant, and is good at singing, according to several online reports.

Jungkook is now single in girlfriends, but K-Pop singers Jeong Ye In of the band “Lovelyz” and Jung Chae Yeon of ‘DIA,’ as well as a rumor in 2015 about his date as CUBE trainee Ko So-Hyun. In fact, Jungkook is a singer.

Rumors claimed fans unearthed an Instagram account that showed that Jungkook and Ko So-Hyun dated and featured Cookie’s nicknames, but not one of them has spoken publicly of this.

  • Who Dated the BTS RM?

Although the leader of BTS, RM was never romantically connected publicly to anyone. However, RM talked about the outro of BTS’s love yourself album during a September 2017 interview with Billboard, and his fantasy reaction prompted people to believe RM had (or had) a hidden friend he wrote the verse for.

As Billboard said, “I thought that this album was the ideal outro since it’s a lot of emotions – I say I met this person, I love that person, that person’s my life love right now.”

  • Where Does Jimin Heart Lies?

Jimin is one of the most popular members of the boy band, the social media king of BTS. Jimin, like Jungkook, has remained unmarried at the moment but has been connected to other names over the years. His spark with K-Pop artist Han Seung-Yeon was the biggest date gossip of all. The latter alleged that Jimin had his eyes, although none of them validated the rumor as such.

  • Who could be Jin’s girlfriend?

Jin was facing rumors in 2015 that Lee Guk Joo was a comedian. The rumors were blasted by the comedian Jo Se Ho, Lee Guk Joo, a beautiful idol student. When networkers learned that Lee Guk Joo and Jin were close the rumors got even more reassuring.

Previously Jin had shown that his ideal partner was on the fat side, and rumors kept spreading until Lee Guk Joo said on Radio Star.

After all, she said Jin never was her boyfriend.

  • Suga’s Romantic Life

One of the elders in BTS all members is Rapper Suga. Actually, he quickly squashed all the reports about the dating. When Suga and the K-Pop artist Suran collaborated in the “Wine” song, a few whispers soon shattered them before Suga said they were too busy to date.

  • V’s Dating Life

There were rumors back in 2015, that V had been linked with Red Velvet’s Joy. The rumors were not confirmed or disputed by either party. V opened up his unilateral love tale during an interview and prepared to give it confession, but never took the phone. The member confessed to having in the past many non-serious girlfriends.

  • A Quick Peek In J-hope Dating Life

J-Hope currently stands alone and does not see anybody in secret, according to reports. The member of the BTS didn’t divulge much of his romance past. However, insiders stated that before the “DNA” singer became part of the largest boy band worldwide, he had a girlfriend.

BTS member J-Hope sang “Solo,” popularised by Dynamic Duo, in a previous episode of ‘Rookie King.’ The audience was surprised by how the K-pop idol gave heartfelt feelings to each line. He revealed then that his former lady love remembered the track.

Bts Members Real Names

Like ages in South Korea, legal names work somewhat differently. The first name of a person in Korea is listed, and the next is the name of a person. These names are distinct from in America, where persons first have their names and family names listed. Korean families are traditionally just one syllable and no middle names are available.

Sometimes simply the first or final syllable of their name is referred to by individuals. Kim Seok-jin, a BTS member whose stage name is also his Jin nickname, is one of the K-pop groups. Here are the real names of all BTS members.

  • RM

The real name of RM is Kim Namjoon. The rapper is the BTS leader and often has his name on the stage, RM. Previously, he gave himself the moniker for a stage Rap Monster, but since then, the initials “RM” were altered to “Real Me.”

As he fluently speaks English, Kim Namjoon frequently functions as translator and speaker for BTS. He also made reference to the collaboration of the UNICEF group, named “Love Myself” in the United Nations.


  • Jungkook

His real name is Jeon Jeongguk . Jungkook is commonly referred to as the golden maknae. He is a dance-songwriter who is well-known for his kindness. He’s also the latest BTS member.


  • Jimin

As his stage name, Jimin uses his true name. He was reportedly the first Korean solo singer to play several songs on streaming platforms after Psy.


  • Jin

Jin is another BTS member using his true name. The vocalist didn’t discuss much why he chose to use an abbreviated form of his birth name, Kim Seokjin, although his name probably remained as short as the other members. It’s not obvious whether he considered Jimin and Jungkook as a stage name, but in the end, we don’t grieve. It’s known to admirers as Jin.


  • Suga

Min-Iun-Gui is Rapper Yoon-Gi is the real name of Suga. He is the lead rapper of BTS and a committed record producer and songwriter. When he turns 27 on 9 March, we learn more about the profession, interests beyond music, and the colorful personality of the musician.


  • V

The singer, songwriter, and dancer from South Korea are Kim Taehyung, better known as ‘V’ He is famous today for being a leading member of the iconic Bangtan Boys K-pop Group (simply known as BTS). V or Tae is a major supporter both within South Korea and globally, which is generally referred to as it. This hip-hop singer has youthful charms and a strong voice. The band’s smash tracks’ 2 Cool 4 Skool’ and ‘Boy at Luv’ are created and executed. His adventure began in South Korea and quickly reached worldwide charts, a further milestone in the country’s k-pop.


  • J-hope

Jung Ho-Seok is a South Korean rapper-songwriter and record producer under the moniker Big Hit music, best known by his stage name j-hope. He is a rapper and a BTS dancer also noted for his extensive contribution to composition and discography creation in this group.


Bts Members Net Worth

How rich are the BTS members? However, we can estimate best based on their salaries, the endorsement agreements, and other projects, the BTS Net Worth data that are very tough to obtain. One thing we sure know is that every member of the BTS earns $8 million a year’s base wage. Each member of the BTS also has 68000 HYBE shares in October 2020 that have been published. These inventories for each member are worth $8 million extra. It is, therefore, safe to suppose every member has a net base value of 16 million dollars.

As everyone was successful in their own work, the richest member of BTS must be either J-Hope or Suga. How much are they making of the profits? It’s uncertain, however, these earnings are surely made by people and not by the group.

We All Love Bts!

BTS is a hot topic worldwide, as we know previously. You undoubtedly agree that if you’re a loyal BTS army, BTS consists of seven beautiful, equally brilliant, and unusually keen members. Everyone has a charm of its own. BTS Stardom is overwhelming, but no success suddenly. BTS as a whole has gained popularity in recent years, although slowly and enormously. BTS is shining throughout these days. The appeal of this catchy trio is now seen as none can resist. But the members are not always given equal attention, even if fans love them all. And we’re here that’s why! Because we all love them.

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