Causes of Odor in Boxing Gloves, Ways of Its Elimination

After a training session, dirty gloves left alone can develop bacteria and eventually smell bad. Fortunately, there are preventative actions you may take to keep your glove free of harmful bacteria and the resulting foul odors.

The procedures listed below can extend the life of your gloves while also keeping them looking clean and smelling good. Before discussing the products that will make your gloves smell better, here are a few additional basic recommendations that you may want to incorporate into your regimen.

  • Avoid storing gloves in your gym bag after usage since the sweat from your activity will encourage bacteria growth if they are left in a small space.
  • Air out the gloves immediately, preferably in front of a fan.
  • Avoid washing or drying the gloves in the washing machine or dryer since these will destroy the boxing gloves.

If you haven’t been airing your boxing gloves after training, they will quickly get unbearably stinky. At times, the odor might be so strong that those around you can smell it as well; if they haven’t said anything, it’s that they are simply too courteous to inform you. 


How to Deodorize and Clean Boxing Gloves Naturally

If you’re seeking a means to get rid of those odiferous boxing gloves, look no further. My own experience with stinky boxing gloves has made me acutely aware of the stench of the gloves. Those days are a thing of the past, owing to a few post-workout supplements. One of the most ignored components of martial arts training is the care and upkeep of the gloves. To prevent skin irritations and infections, wear gloves that have been well cleaned.

Boxing gloves can irritate the skin on your hands, which can then spread to other parts of your body. When it comes to skin diseases, boxing gloves need to be cleaned after each use. Taking appropriate care of your gloves will extend their lifespan significantly. In addition, your gloves will be odorless and clean rather than a dark, sweaty dungeon.

How to Keep Boxing Gloves Odor-Free and Clean

Going to the gym four to five times a week puts a lot of strain on your gloves, and the amount of sweat you produce will eventually take its toll. Following the simple cleaning and care, the instructions provided below should help your gloves extend their useful years. 

 What to Avoid

  • Do not place your gloves in a washing machine or dryer; these machines will shred your gloves.
  • Do not freeze your boxing glove frequently; this is a complete waste of time. That will not eliminate bacteria; it will only put them into dormancy for the time being.
  • Avoid leaving your gloves out in the sun; this can cause them to shrink and make them more prone to cracking.
  • Do not apply the silica gel inside your boxing gloves; this will have no beneficial effect on the gloves.

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Hand wraps are very important.

Not only will they give excellent support for your hands, but they will also absorb the majority of the sweat generated during your workout. Ensure that you wash your hand wraps following each training session (wash them separately because they will tangle with each other). It’s usually a good idea to stock up on hand wraps to have a new pair for each training session.

Keeping Your Boxing Gloves Clean

As soon as your workout is finished, wipe the exterior and interior of your gloves with a slightly damp cloth to avoid perspiration stains. Make sure you don’t leave your boxing gloves in your gym bag overnight. Also, take them out from your gym bag when you get home to allow them to air out. If you keep your gloves in your gym bag overnight, they will start to stink. Even if you don’t plan to clean them right away, make a point of removing them from the bag. Cleaning them daily can help prevent the growth of harmful microorganisms.

Vapor Fresh is the most efficient deodorizing spray for boxing gloves, shin guards, and gym bags. My gloves now have no stench, thanks to this natural cleaning and deodorizing spray. Its active ingredients are natural, non-irritating, and non-toxic. The freshener is made with all-natural components and a proprietary blend of essential oils. There are no synthetic scents, ammonia, or harsh disinfectants in this product.

The function of a deodorizer:

The deodorizer absorbs excess moisture and odor, ensuring that gloves remain clean and hygienic. With four fragrances to choose from, this product will keep your boxing gloves smelling fresh: Cedar, Fresh Linen, Cologne, or Lavender. This glove deodorizer should also extend the lifespan of your gloves by preventing moisture breakdown.

How to maintain cleanliness?

Once your gloves are clean, the only thing left to do is maintain their cleanliness.

  • Remove your gloves from your gym bag immediately upon arrival; the sweat from your practice will allow bacteria to thrive if they are left in a small space.
  • Dry the gloves immediately, ideally in front of a fan.
  • Spray the cleansing spray over your gloves and allow the natural spray to absorb into them.
  • Keep your boxing gloves fresh and ready for tomorrow’s training session by using a high-quality deodorizer.


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