The Best Guide To Read Deleted Reddit Posts And Comments

All You Need To Know About Reddit

What is Reddit? If you are an enthusiastic user of the Internet, there is a possibility that you are already aware of Reddit. It was founded in 2005 by students and the idea was to make the world suck less.

But if Reddit is an unheard-of universe for you then you are missing out on breathtaking internet delight and impressive social media marketing techniques. Reddit is widely known as a social media platform. But there are some dissimilarities like users of Reddit don’t support reposts.

Social media platforms like Facebook & Instagram rely heavily on people who know each other in the offline world to connect in their respective online world, this results in the formation of a community of each individual. Reddit is different in terms of what it has to offer to its users.

Reddit targets heavily on common interests to build its community. Whether you are interested in politics or technology, there will be a community already of people who share the same interest. In fact, you can even save posts that you like. How to find saved posts on Reddit? You can click on my profile and find a saved tab there. This shows how much personalization can be done on this platform

These distinctions make Reddit a completely exclusive social network and this is the primary reason for its enormous popularity. There are about 52 million active users on Reddit daily.

This data speaks a lot about acceptance of Reddit as a networking platform and why one should be on it.

Did you see an interesting post about your favorite topic on Reddit and now it no longer exists?

Remember, nothing is ever lost on the Internet. There are tools and techniques that you can use to retrieve those deleted posts and comments.

NOTE: The reason posts and comments are deleted on Reddit is because they violate some community guidelines. If you are retrieving deleted Reddit posts and comments, brace yourself for some disturbing posts and comments.

Let’s see some of the tools & techniques to view deleted Reddit posts and comments.

Know About Reddit

Best 8 Techniques To Fetch Deleted Reddit Posts And Comments

There are 6 easy to use tools to see deleted Reddit posts & comments. These are effortless and quick tools. Let us see how to view deleted Reddit posts

1. Reveddit

A website for Reddit users to review removed content. This is a superior way and you should use Reveddit for Reddit comments over Removeddit. This is because you can find the Reddit post first, rather than using the username. Extensions to the browser are as powerful but optional. It displays the post removed from Reddit. User-deleted content doesn’t show on Reveddit.

To view the recently deleted content, you need to add ve in the URL

Let us take an example

Before changing URL

After changing URL

2. Removeddit

Removeddit is an online third-party tool that enables users to read the Reddit posts and comments that have been deleted. This tool is used by the users of Reddit, and they love it. It is used to find deleted Reddit posts by users. Removeddit was created at a time when ceddit did not work, as a temporary substitute for ceddit. I thought it was necessary because, more than Reddit itself, I used ceddit. Months on, I saw no reason to remove what I had done, but Reddit was fixed. Both sites now live together and are striving to achieve the same objective.

  • Open the Reddit Post you want to read or comment on.
  • Now the URL of that post needs to be edited.
  • Remove and click Enter the Reddit domain name.
  • The deleted Reddit post can now be viewed.

Let us take an example of doing this

Before changing the URL

After changing the URL

The deleted Reddit posts or comments in the deleted tool can be viewed. Removeddit can also display the recently removed or deleted Reddit posts. These posts are deleted because they may be violated, marked as spam, or deleted.

3. Ceddit

The Ceddit is the fastest and best way to view comments on Reddit that have already been deleted. You can browse the Reddit platform right until you find the post you were looking for. You can see every comment or mail because they’re backed up to Ceddit automatically and are therefore available to anyone.

Most of the deleted comments are automatically recovered and highlighted in red color. Although some types of deleted comments, such as those removed by the Reddit auto moderator, are not recoverable.

You can browse the file just like your Reddit browse and search for red-lighted posts if you just want to read deleted comments. These posts have been removed from Ceddit’s comments.

However, if you want to read deleted comments in a particular post, it is easier than to manually search for them. Simply open this posting on Reddit, remove the “r” in the URL, and substitute “c” for

Let’s look at an example of replacing the URL

Before changing the URL

After changing the URL

This loads this page onto the Ceddit interface and you can browse and view the red-listed remarks.

4. Way Back Machine

Wayback Machine is a website that captures the website screenshot and makes it visible to the world.

The most interesting part of this website is that users can read Reddit Posts and comments, as they take photos of comments and posts each day to make them useful and accessible to all users.

It’s very easy and very simple to use this website. Just open the Website of the Wayback Machine, copy the Reddit post you want to see, and paste it.

The site then provides you with the year and month interface. The date you want to check is easy to decide. Just find the comment or post in the “deleted X days ago” tag and then remove the days to get the previous date.

The main advantage of using the Wayback machine is that it can be used not only to read deleted remarks but also to edit those comments before they are deleted.

Yes, it does take a long time, but if you want to read the input, this is the easy and quick way to read deleted comments and postings.

5. Resavr

Resavr is a great tool to find and read Reddit comments that have been deleted. Only one catch is available. Resavr saves only those observations with a length of more than 650 characters. According to the site, it should be a certain length to make a useful comment and I agree mainly with it. Most importantly because the service ensures that all comments are saved for more than 650 features. That makes finding deleted comments a great resource.

The website can be used quite easily. A list of the latest deleted comments is available on the homepage. At the top is a search bar where you can search by post title for deleted comments. I also like that Resavr shows you the day the comments were posted and how much they are before they were deleted if you look at a deleted comment. In conjunction with WaybackMachine, you can use this information to get further information on your comment.

You can simply add your cursor to the comment you removed when using ReSavr and, of course, you can see the content of the deleted comment. It’s so easy, and it works!

6. Unreddit

Simplicity is one thing that Unreddit has to do. The domain itself is a basic landing page to use the service. There are no real interfaces. Just add “un” to any link to “Reddit,” and the deleted comments will start to be retrieved.


You will see an overlay that states “Recover Deleted Comments” once the URL has been modified. It can take a little longer to complete recovery depending on how many comments have been removed.

There is also a chrome extension available for Unreddit. To install, just go to the chrome extension store in Google and search for unredit in your store. If you think it will take up your time, you can just click here to go to the extension page.

To install the extension, click the “Add to Chrome” button. Go to a sub-report and open the post after you have done it. You can see deleted Reddit comments and posts by clicking on the extension. The advantages are the old and the new Reddit version. The extension is nevertheless not working with non-English platform versions.

7. Un-delete

How to see deleted Reddit posts? Un-Delete is a chrome extension that allows you to open Reddit deleted posts whenever you want. You can cache the Reddit pages in your browser using Google’s IndexedDB.

This tool is not helpful, but rather helps you save or store your favorite items from Reddit to later read them. You can also retrieve deleted posts and comments about Reddit.

This is an extension of Chrome that allows you to cache Reddit posts later. This enables you, even if deleted later, to save all types of comments. Although this does not allow you to recover deleted comments, it can be a powerful tool if you cache every important discussion manually.

Open your Reddit post to use the extension and click on the extension button. To use the extension. The URL with the big cache button will appear below.

The page will be cached. Click on the button. Later on, you can retrieve the stored page by clicking on an extension button.

How To Install And Use Un-deleted Chrome Extension

  • Click here to find the un-deleted chrome extension.
  • Click the ‘Add to Chrome’ button and click the ‘Add Extension’ button on the next pop-up window.
  • Go to, select the post you want to cache and on the Chrome extension bar, click the Un-Delete Reddit Comments icon.
  • A large blue button with the word “Cache” will appear, and the page will be cached on your browser.

The Reddit comments are cached each time you use un-delete, so you can access them later. This way, even if users delete their comments, you can still read them.

8. Google Cache

This method makes use of the world’s most popular search engine, Google, and its powerful caching service. Keep in mind that this method will only work if the Reddit post was recently deleted. To use Google Cache to retrieve Reddit posts, follow these steps:

  • Go to and enter the Reddit post’s URL.
  • Click the downward-facing arrow next to the post’s name in the search results.
  • Select Cached from the drop-down menu.
  • You will be redirected to the Reddit post as it appeared when Google bots last visited it.

Ending Thoughts

The automatic bot is provided for every subreddit on Reddit. If the bot feels spammy, the comments are deleted without warning. However, by asking the moderators to lift the ban you can restore your comment and post. When you access removed posts from your profile, the user may view their removed Reddit posts or removed comments. It can only be seen for them and the world when the comment has been deleted or the post has been deleted. That was our technique to gain access to deleted Reddit postings and see the Reddit comments that have been removed.

These are some of the best 8 tools to read Reddit deleted posts and comments. The quickest tool for reading deleted comments is definitely Ceddit. But if it doesn’t, Wayback Machine can certainly help. And, of course, Reddit Comments can be handy even if you’re using ReSavr and Un-Delete in many situations. This is all on the list and you can check some official threads on Reddit if you are looking for more websites. However, the sites listed above are popular and have as many cached Reddit comments and posts as possible.

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