EHS Compliance Solutions by Nimonik inc.: An answer to the needs of modern industry

EHS is a popular acronym that refers to Environment, Health, and Safety. It is related to all efforts to keep the activities of a particular organization or company from “injuring” these three aspects. 

Non-compliance with any of the regulations affecting EHS can have serious unintended consequences. In some cases, even one violation can cause loss of life and if that happens, there will be many investigations into the company’s activities which may seriously disrupt the company’s performance. In the case of the food industry, contaminated products can result in the poisoning of consumers and the revocation of company licenses. Few rules, standards, or laws may result in mild consequences if violated but they still have an indirect effect on the reputation of the violating company.

A regulatory mechanism is needed

Therefore, we need some sort of regulatory mechanism for compliance with various regulations, standards, and laws surrounding a company or organization. In the past, companies relied on traditional mechanisms, for example by hiring a group of consultants who were responsible for overseeing every activity of the company so that it did not violate the law, but along with the complexity of today’s industrial world, these traditional mechanisms are no longer sufficient.

A new mechanism is needed that can run automatically and can be updated quickly, adapting to the dynamic changes in modern industrial regulations. Of course, the new mechanism is a kind of software that regulates compliance with various regulations, standards, and laws as automatically as possible. The type of software in question is what is called EHS Compliance Software which is an important part of EHS Compliance Solutions. Honestly, you can find various kinds of EHS Compliance Solutions and each of them runs automatically but based on “our independent research”, Nimonik inc. provides the best EHS Compliance Solutions.

Why EHS Compliance Solutions by Nimonik?

There’s a reason for everything, including why we recommend Nimonik’s EHC Compliance Solutions. Nimonik has created an EHS Compliance Software that has a distinct advantage over its competitors.

Nimonik’s EHS Compliance Software is able to identify regulations, standards, and laws that affect an organization or company. After identifying them, the software allows the user to take actions and then performs an audit process on the actions that have been taken. The compliance management provided by Nimonik is completely integrated and can be updated so there is very little chance of its users being negligent and breaking certain rules accidentally.

Nimonik ensures that its software is compatible with various popular standards such as ISO versions such as 14001, 45001, 9001, IATF, and so on. Nimonik’s EHS software is specifically designed to manage organizations or companies with 500 to 25 thousand employees. Thus this software is intended for the majority of organizations or companies operating in the United States and Canada.

Updated regulations

Every year there is always an update to the regulations and last year, there were tens of thousands of new regulations being recorded. Indirectly it will greatly affect the level of compliance among companies operating in our country. With Nimonik’s EHS software, accidental violations due to the non-adaptive compliance system used with updated regulations or industry standards can be minimized. Nimonik has made sure that its product is adaptive to changes in regulations or industry standards.


Compliance with EHS obligations is one of the keys to the smooth running of the activities of an organization or company. With an automated, software-based approach, the level of EHS compliance can be significantly improved. And with Nimonik’s EHS Compliance Solutions, all activities related to EHS compliance management can be properly controlled and updated regularly.

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