Everything you ever need to know about octopus

Octopus dishes are getting popular along with time. As you continue to explore different octopus dishes available out there, you will need to keep few important facts with related to it in your mind as well. There are some surprising facts about octopus. Here are some of the most surprising facts with related to octopus. Based on these facts, you can continue to enjoy octopus meat and get the best returns that come on your way as a result of it.

Octopus are one of the oldest creatures to live on the planet

If you take a look at the oldest animals to live on the planet, you will figure out that octopus will hold a prominent place. In fact, it has been identified that octopus have been around for more than 296 million years. In fact, there are evidences available to prove the existence of octopus during Carboniferous period.  Scientists also believe that octopus will live for millions of more years on this planet. It is true that the lifespan of octopus is relatively short. However, these are some of the most adaptable animals to live on the planet. Therefore, octopus will be able to live on the planet for many generations to come.

An octopus has three hearts

The guys from Abrolhosoctopus says most of all animals just have one heart. However, the octopus have three hearts. This is another major difference that you can find in octopus as well. Out of three hearts, two hearts are working exclusively to move blood of the animal to the areas beyond gills. On the other hand, third heart of a n octopus would continue to ensure circulation of blood via the organs. Once an octopus starts swimming, this third heart would stop functioning. That’s because swimming is something that can deliver an exhausting experience to the heart of the octopus.

Food of octopus

By appearance, octopus look like strange creatures. This will create curiosity in your mind to figure out what exactly octopus consume as food. Food of octopus would vary depending on the areas that they live and the size. In most of the instances, octopus prefer to eat crabs and shrimp. However, there are instances where octopus tend to consume large gastropods as well. They include mussels and clams.

Food consumed by baby octopus is quite different. They are mainly dependent on plankton. That’s because baby octopuses are not in a position to go ahead and consume larger prey, such as squid, fishes, and eels.

Octopuses have a unique mouth as well. It is not possible to clearly see this mouth. That’s because the mouth of an octopus is hidden under the web. This is connecting into the 8 different arms of the octopus. The small and hidden part of the octopus is capable of helping them to be used as a lethal weapon. It will include the beak of octopus as well.

Having octopus as pets

Even though octopuses are popular among people for their meat, there are situations where some of them continue to use pet octopuses as well. If you are a fanatic of octopuses, you will be able to go ahead and get octopuses as pets. There’s nothing to worry too much about adopting an octopus as a pet as well. You will feel like you are living inside an aquarium by having an octopus as a pet.

If you are making plans to purchase octopus to adopt as a pet, you will need to keep few important things to be mindful as well. That’s because octopus are having a very low life expectancy. In fact, an average octopus would live for a period for around two years. Therefore, you will need to cherish every single moment that you are going to spend with the pet octopus. You will have to say goodbye to the pet octopus before your dog or cat.

You should also be mindful about the environmental conditions that you are creating for the octopus as well. In fact, you should be mindful about temperature and water as well. On top of that, you will need to ensure that there is enough space for the octopus to hide in a den as well.

Unique octopus species to live out there

There are numerous different types of octopus living out there in the world. According to the scientists, around 300 different octopus’ species have been discovered up to now. Some of these octopus species are having extraordinary characteristics as well.

Blue ringed octopus is one of the most common types of octopus that you can find out there. These octopus are having the ability to release a toxic poison. This is being used as a lethal weapon. Blue ringed octopus are also in a position to launch this attack against humans. Therefore, you need to make sure that you are not welcoming blue ringed octopus to your family as a pet. It can be a dangerous decision that you can take.

Another popular type of octopus that you can see in the ocean is the Blanket octopus. This is a genius octopus breed. That’s because these octopus are having an extreme sexual dimorphism. When you take a look at this octopus species, you will figure out that female octopus are much larger when compared to the male octopus. In fact, a female blanket octopus can grow around 100 times bigger than a male octopus.

The cutest octopus species that you can see under the surface of ocean is Flapjack octopus. It is also possible to call this as the most compressed octopus species living out there.

Final words

Now you are aware about some of the most unique and interesting characteristics with related to octopus. Keep these facts in mind and go ahead with enjoying octopus meat. It will be the most delicious meat that you can enjoy among seafood.

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