Here’s How to Style Up Your Bookshelf

A Bookshelf is a functional addition to your home. Apart from serving as a display unit for books and magazines, it doubles up as a creative space offering opportunity to flex up your styling muscles. A well-decorated bookshelf appears pleasing to eyes and is sure to compel onlookers to have a look at your little library. Given below are some tips to style up your bookshelf and convert it from simple to well-curated. 

What to Put on a Bookshelf

#1. Books: 

The first and obvious, books. A bookshelf is never complete without books. Whether big, small, new, or old, books are always primary for your bookshelf. However, the key to curating a visually appealing bookshelf is to organize it effectively. Consider alternately stacking your books with some arranged vertically and some horizontally. This marks the completion of half of your efforts to styling up your bookshelf. 

#2. Mementos: 

Things that carry special meaning in your life and are evocative of certain special memories make a great choice for styling your bookshelf. Dig through your treasured collection and find souvenirs, artworks, or an antique study table lamp that you got when you were in school. Similarly, you find memoirs that hold special significance in your life and display them on the bookshelf. For a more striking demonstration, place small objects over a horizontal stack of books. 

#3. Photo frames:

Photo frames are good choices to accord a personal touch to your bookshelf. They can be easily arranged to complement your books. But make sure to place them such that they either lie at your eye level or waist height. Placing them too high or too low won’t make an impact. Also, ensure you don’t put too many frames together as it will make your bookshelf appear cluttered. 

#4. Light Up Your Shelf:

Add sparkle to your bookshelf with some minimalist lighting options. A strip light will lend an ethereal dazzling effect to your shelves and will radiate a charming glow. Placing a stylish arch lamps near your bookshelf is another modernistic idea to keep your bookshelf lit up. For a budget option, you can hang a string of fairy lights. Likewise, there is a range of innovative lighting options to dazzle up your bookshelf. 

Bonus Styling Tips To Consider

  • Decorative boxes and cool handmade jute baskets are fantastic styling options for large bookshelves. They can store a lot of stuff, thereby ensuring a clean, well-organized look on your shelf. 
  • Make sure the things you place on your bookshelf exude a cohesive look. They should correlate to each other – be it in terms of style, pattern color, or theme. 
  • Picture frames and other decorative knick-knacks such as artificial potted plants, vintage showpieces are great to be displayed as bookends. 

So, just do it! These styling ideas will add a pinch of color and life to your otherwise plain bookshelf. Also, it will arouse your lost interest in book reading exercises. 

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