How To Become A Good Teacher: A complete guide

A good teacher is not someone who has knowledge of the whole world but someone who can put his point in the mind of another person. This is not easy to be a good teacher. Everyone has got knowledge in their respective fields but that doesn’t mean everyone can be a teacher. It requires skill to teach. Teaching needs passion and dedication. A good teacher can be one who has passion and dedication toward his/her job. 

Teachers play a really important and crucial role in a student’s life. Students totally depend on teachers for their bright futures. Teaching is a good career option only if you are interested. Otherwise, you are taking a risk on the future of the students. In India, we choose to teach as our last career option. If you are not able to do anything in another profession then opt to teach because people think it’s very easy. But actually, it is not. There’s a lot more than reading and translating books in front of students.

If you are not determined to become a teacher and doing it only under pressure. We would suggest not opting into the teaching profession because you are risking many futures. A good teacher connects with his/ her students actually understand what he/she is talking about. The quality you must have if you are opting for teaching, connecting with your students. There are suggestions for “how to be a good teacher?” which we will see later but until now it was just an overview of a teacher.

How To Be A Good Teacher?

The question “how to be a good teacher?” arises in our minds most of the time, what are those qualities which make a good teacher different from the ordinary teacher. Let’s see what those quality are which tells us that how to be a good teacher:

  • Strong Communication

When we talk about how to be a good teacher, the first thought that comes to our mind is communication. Teaching is all about communication-talking, writing, presenting, listening, etc. Basically, your communication skills should be really strong as confidence should be seen in your voice. A good teacher communicates well with his students, colleagues, and parents. A teacher has to interact with a lot of people at his work which requires good communication.

Suppose there’s a parents-teachers meeting in any school and the parent of a child meets a teacher so now it’s the teacher’s responsibility to, first of all, make a comfortable environment so that you can easily discuss strengths and weaknesses of that child. Similarly, in every class, the teacher’s communication skills are tested. Communication is both receptive as well as expressive. A teacher should be skilled at listening to his/her students as well as explaining it clearly to them. Effective communication includes transformation, transformation to convert a boring lesson into an interesting one, and also have good communication skills.

  • Collaborating

A good teacher must focus on collaboration with his colleagues, students, etc. A good teacher never stops learning. As you must have heard in education, you’re never working alone. There’s always someone with you to whom you look up to from the staff room to your classrooms. Working as a teacher means working effectively in groups. Like in class, you collaborate with your students to search for something which you may know but just to create an interactive environment of the class. 

  • Adaptability

Sometimes as a teacher, your adaptability is tested like how fast you adapt to a situation or condition. As a teacher, you go to different schools or colleges but it’s not necessary that each school or college facilities would be the same. So in some schools or colleges smart boards could be available and in others may not be available but as a teacher, you can’t say that I can’t teach without smartboard or anything else and sometimes the teacher has to look after his students, listen to their problems, understand them and should change their methods of teaching accordingly to fulfill the need of every individual. This also comes in adaptability, to teach your students according to their needs. It shows your ability to adapt to different situations and to be a good teacher your adaptability should be good. 

  • Engaging

To be a good teacher, you have to engage students with humor, creativity, and strong attention towards class. That’s the quality of a good teacher to involve each and every student in the class and get them to focus in class. See, anyone can sit in front of a class and give lectures and it isn’t needed to tell you how boring it is. You all know that but a good teacher always becomes creative and never lets the class get bored. 

  • Patience

Teaching is a profession in which you have to be very patient whether you are teaching high-level classes or low-level classes. In fact, with junior class students, you have to be more patient in comparison to senior class students. If you will not control your anger then that can be disturbing for the whole class or if you shout loud, then may also disturb neighboring classes and it can mess up the environment of class and school. As a teacher, you have to be really patient in many cases like not getting work done by students, not getting the response in class, sometimes students misbehave with teachers but the teacher should not lose his senses because of anger or etc are few cases in which a teacher should keep patience. 

  • Disciplined And Professionalism

A good teacher should always be disciplined and professional. Punctuality is the key quality of a teacher which every teacher must have. A good teacher is very punctual with time and values every second and with punctuality, a good teacher is also professional. Teachers always dress professionally in manners, proper shirts, pants, and shoes. Discipline in teachers is a very important part because many students see their role models in their teachers. So it’s important for teachers to have good qualities like discipline, professionalism, manners, etc which makes them good teachers. 

  • Developing An Urge To Learn

Very few teachers get this quality of developing an urge to learn in students. You must have heard that a good teacher is not someone who took a student from 90% to 100% but someone who took a student from 10% to 50%. So that’s the quality of a good teacher, everyone can guide a topper to top in class but not everyone can lift a failure to 50%. When you make normal class fun then automatically each student starts taking interest in class and engages with creative lessons.

  • Value Real-World Learning

Students are always surrounded by their books. They just see a chapter, learn it, give their exams, and the very next day. They forget. If I ask you to tell me anything you remember from your book in school. Most of us would not be able to tell. This happens because the study they do is only theory-based and has nothing to relate to their daily life. We can’t remember things after reading them once or twice only. Whatever we see from our eyes tends to remain in our minds. It’s human nature to remember things that we can relate to. A good teacher is someone who values Real-World learning. Teachers should give real-life examples or take practicals for those examples as children learn faster from things they see or relate to in their day-to-day life.

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How To Be A Good Math Teacher?

As a teacher, your qualities to be a good teacher remain the same whether you are teaching Mathematics or English. But still, there are some specific qualities for each subject. Let’s see how to be a good maths teacher:

  • Strong knowledge of mathematics.
  • Keeping the belief that everyone can learn mathematics.
  • Preparation before class(thorough study of the topic which he/she will be teaching the next day).
  • Pushing students to solve more and more questions on their own.
  • Understanding that there are no quick fixes.

So these are some qualities that tell us how to be a good maths teacher. 

How To Be A Good Math Teacher

How To Be A Good English Teacher?

Again the qualities of how to be a good teacher will remain the same but there are some specific qualities for each subject. Let’s see few qualities to be a good English teacher:

  • Good pronunciation.
  • Good vocabulary and grammar skills.
  • Strong knowledge of this subject.
  • Different ways to teach a chapter to make it interesting.
  • Encouraging verbal practices in students to speak English.
  • Preparing in advance before the class

How To Be A Good English Teacher

How To Be A Good Piano Teacher?

Qualities to be a good piano teacher are:

  • Patience(a good piano teacher is always patient with his student)
  • Mastery in piano
  • Adapts to a child’s ability to learn and also choose the music which suits the child.
  • Make learning fun for students
  • Love your work like if you are teaching piano make sure you do it from the heart.

How To Be A Good Piano Teacher

How To Be A Good Yoga Teacher?

The qualities which tell us that how to be a good teacher of yoga are:

  • Knowledge of yoga(most common point for each subject).
  • Authenticity
  • Maintaining your personal practices.
  • Discipline is required to be disciplined in yoga.

How To Be A Good Yoga Teacher

How To Be A Good Substitute Teacher?

Sometimes this question comes to our mind, right? Like it’s okay to be a good math teacher or good English teacher but how to be a good substitute teacher. What are those qualities which make a teacher a good substitute teacher? Let’s see how to be a good substitute teacher:

  • Punctuality
  • Adaptability
  • Passion
  • Makes a personal connection
  • Make the class environment friendly.

How To Be A Good Preschool Teacher?

“How to be a good preschool teacher?” It is a very frequent question asked many times. So, here are some qualities that tell us that how to be a good teacher in preschool:

  • Patience
  • Creativeness
  • Be yourself
  • Try to interact with every individual
  • Make learning fun for them

How To Be A Good Infant Teacher?

Qualities that tells us how to be a good teacher in this field are:

  • Calmness and kindness in your behavior 
  • Energetic
  • Empathetic
  • Passion to work with babies
  • Thought full mind

Bottom Line

There are a lot of challenges for a teacher in his day-to-day life which he has to face to show how to be a good teacher. The teacher is someone who educates you doesn’t matter what he teaches but if he teaches you with passion, determination, etc then he is a good teacher. There is a lot more question such as how to be a good mentor teacher, how to be a good high school teacher, how to be a good kindergarten teacher, how to be a good daycare teacher, how to be a good substitute teacher for elementary, how to be a good student-teacher, or how to be a good ESL teacher. All these questions come under the simple question “how to be a good teacher”. It doesn’t matter what subject you are teaching, your basic qualities remain the same.

Like you have to be patient whether you teach a high school student or kindergarten student. You have to be passionate about teaching. It’s simple to try to connect with your students with your sense of humor or anything else. But try to connect with them. The classroom environment should be friendly so that each student could be comfortable speaking. Interactive classes are necessary. Like it should not be like you are the only one speaking and speaking and speaking. No response is coming.

No doubts are being asked. So that becomes boring as well as ruins the class environment and there are many more qualities which tell us how to be a good teacher. In the end, we would say if you are choosing to be a teacher then you must look after these qualities as you have your future as well as many students’ futures in your hands as well. Here this blog comes to its end. Hope you have loved this blog.

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