How to get rid of ad fraud for companies

Ad fraud is a huge issue affecting nearly every company, but few people know how to fight against it. In today’s scenario, many individuals suffer losses due to ad fraud. Their advertisements do not reach the targeted customers. They also face issues with marketing and other domains. Companies rely on agencies offering ad fraud prevention services. These agencies offer solutions that prevent companies from making simple mistakes. This article will examine what it is and how one can save their company money and headache by fighting back against it.

Ad fraud is a huge issue

Ad fraud is a huge issue for companies of all sizes. Whether one owns a small business or an international conglomerate, one should know that this menace is growing and can affect their business.

Ad fraud has become a grave problem for the advertising industry. It is not just limited to online advertisers. It also affects advertisers in all industries, from healthcare to e-commerce. These issues have become the new pandemic for businesses, and companies are finding ways to combat such fraud.

How ad fraud works

Ad fraud is when a company spends money on online advertising but does not get the results expected. They might think they are reaching a broad audience. However, scammers have created fake websites and accounts to trick people into clicking on their ads. That is why companies today spend more money on services such as ad fraud prevention.

Advertisers are often reluctant to address this problem because it hurts their bottom line (and egos). It is an issue worth tackling head-on—especially if one wants their company to stay afloat in the digital world.

What ad fraud costs companies

Companies lose $16.4 billion due to this issue, according to a report from the Association of National Advertisers (ANA) and fraud detection company White Ops. This figure represents a 9% increase over last year’s total cost of ad fraud and is equivalent to roughly 5% of all digital advertising this year.

What to do to fight back against ad fraud?

  • Use a third party: A third party can help companies with ad fraud prevention. They provide services that allow organisations to promote their marketing efforts to their intended audience.
  • Integrate Ad server: with a fraud detection system having an SSP component. One can filter out bad traffic before it even reaches the network level. This way, companies can save money on fees while protecting themselves from potential losses due to fraudulent clicks or impressions.
  • Get detailed analytics: From vendors so they can provide more accurate numbers about where those clicks are coming from and which sites are generating them.

Get a system to track the marketing efforts and get detailed analytics.

If companies are looking for a way to eliminate ad fraud, the first step is to get a holistic system in place. This activity makes it easy to track marketing efforts and get detailed analytics.

This activity will also help companies know exactly where their money is going and which channels are producing results. It can also help them optimise their marketing efforts based on the data collected from these campaigns.

Ad fraud is a grave issue for any company. Companies advertising through digital channels can opt for agencies offering ad fraud prevention services. It is vital to have a system to track marketing efforts and get detailed analytics so organisations can identify fraudulent traffic and take action against it.

















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