How to Make Your Kids Spend Quality Time Outdoors Without Being Sunburned

Of all the seasons, summertime is the one we look forward to arriving to make the world beautiful again. Winter might have its own beauty with snowflakes and hot cocoa, but summers are when we can enjoy life to the fullest, especially as kids.

Summertime is the favorite season for many kids – they can play outside and enjoy watermelons as mid-afternoon snacks.

Summertime is good for your kid’s health, too – they spend more time outside, breathing in the fresh air, and have the chance to play their hearts out – something they don’t do much in the freezing season. Besides, we get sun-deprived in the winter and cannot wait for the golden ball of energy to appear in the sky in the summertime.

We love the sun as it gives us vitamins and is healthy for our bodies. Our kids can play outside and spend quality time with their friends instead of being glued to their screens indoors. If they are teenagers, one good activity is indoor firearm range where they will stay safe from the sun and learn self-defense skills. 

Despite all this, your kids have to be careful in the sun. Overexposure to sun rays can hurt their skin and cause sunburn. With a few methods and tips, you can encourage your kids to spend quality time outdoors without being sunburned.

Cover Up & Shield

You will want your kids to wear sunglasses when it comes to clothing. Sunglasses will protect their eyes from UV rays. You will also want to cover their bodies with lightweight clothes, such as t-shirts and shorts.

All kids need protection from UV rays with the help of sunscreen. You will want to use sunscreen to protect the skin. You will want to use sunscreen on any part of the skin that isn’t covered, such as the face, nose, ears, neck, arms, feet, and legs.

To further protect your kids from the sun, make your kids wear a sun hat. You can find amazing sun hats for kids at Solbari. The right sun hat will shade their neck and face and protect them from harmful UV rays. We recommend wearing a wide-brimmed hat to keep their face and neck shaded.

Keep them Hydrated

We all know that summer heat can be exhausting: there is nothing more refreshing in the summertime than frozen lemonade on a stick. Lemonade fruit pops are not only delicious but  really hit the spot when it comes to satisfying thirst. the.

It is also an easy way to keep your kids hydrated and happy while they are playing outside.

Last but not least, you will want to ensure that your kids aren’t overly exposed to the sun while playing outside. You can ask them to play in the shade and drink plenty of water throughout the day to stay hydrated.

Avoid The Strongest UV Rays

Try to make your kids avoid playing outside when the rays are the strongest. Usually, the sun’s rays are the strongest from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. However, it depends from one region to another. If your kids are in the sun during this time, you will want to keep reapplying sunscreen.

Even if they are in the water or playing in the backyard, keep applying sunscreen to prevent sun damage.

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