How were abortions performed in the 2021?

Curettage is an intervention that means draining, evacuating, cleaning and is widely used in medicine. This word, which is of French origin, used to mean cleaning by scraping. Abortion is a common medical procedure performed by dentists and obstetricians for different purposes today.  

Curettage in unwanted pregnancies is performed easily and safely with vacuum aspiration technique or by medicine Get abortion pills in Dubai. Diagnostic curettage can be performed with camera systems called vacuum, curette, or hysteroscopy. Apart from these, curettage can be performed with a metal curette in advanced weeks of pregnancy.

How many weeks is an abortion done?

How long the abortion will take depends on whether you are pregnant or not. Because abortion can be done in cases other than pregnancy. If abortion is considered an unwanted pregnancy, the legal limit in our country is 10 weeks . However, in other countries, this limit may change for a week or more. Curettage is also banned in some countries.  

If abortion is to be performed on a pregnancy with an anomaly, the gestational week usually exceeds 10 weeks. In this case, in order for abortion to be performed, it is necessary to document that the baby is disabled or an anomaly. In addition, there is a condition that this situation must be approved by a committee of at least 3 physicians that are available at abortion pills in Dubai. The same applies in cases where pregnancy threatens the life of the mother. In other words, even if the gestational week exceeds 10, if the pregnancy puts the mother’s life at risk, curettage can be performed with the approval of the committee.

When is an abortion done?

The optional abortion law has been in effect since 1983. The legal abortion limit in our country is 10 weeks. Although abortion can be done up to 10 weeks, the best time for curettage is 5-7. between weeks of pregnancy. Because there are various abortion risks above and below these weeks and they increase slightly. If the abortion is performed under 5 weeks, the continuation of the pregnancy and bleeding complications may occur. In abortions performed between 7-10 weeks, the risk of fragments and bleeding increases slightly after abortion. Therefore, the most suitable weeks are between 5-7.

How is the gestational week determined for abortion?

The gestational week for abortion is determined by the ultrasound measurement made by the doctor avail at Get abortion pills in Dubai Calculations based on menstrual day may not always give accurate results. For this reason, the week of pregnancy is calculated by measuring the baby’s CRL (head-rump length) value and gestational sac diameter , which is an objective measurement . With ultrasound, the gestational sac can be seen at the earliest in the 4th week, and the fetal structure in the 5th week. Heartbeats can be heard at the earliest in the 6th week of pregnancy.

Pregnancy may not be terminated in curettage performed by seeing only gestational sac before 5 weeks. Therefore, it is important to see the fetal pole with ultrasound and to check that the uterus is completely cleaned after the procedure. However, despite all these, the continuation or fragmentation of the pregnancy may occur in rare cases. Therefore, the doctor will check on the 10th day after the abortion. In this control, the termination of the pregnancy is confirmed again by ultrasound and it is confirmed that there are no pieces left. Only in this way is the abortion done for sure.

In the case of the remaining pieces, the remaining tissues are cleaned with a small intervention, and the process is completed. The remaining fragments after abortion create a risk of bleeding and infection. For this reason, the 10th-day control should not be postponed.

At what age can abortion be done?

If women over the age of 18 are not married, they can have an abortion voluntarily at any time. Written spouse consent is required for married women.

Abortion in girls aged 15-18 can only be done with written parental consent. In girls under the age of 15, the situation is reported to the judicial authorities and done under written parental consent and approval.

When is anesthesia for an abortion done?

Abortion can be done regionally (locally) or with a mild anesthetic called Abortion Pills Available In Dubai. Women who have had a normal delivery before and who are 5 weeks pregnant may prefer local anesthesia. Sedation anesthesia is generally used in women who will have a first-time abortion or who are pregnant for more than 7 weeks .


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