iTop VPN Review (2022): Provides A Safer Internet Surfing Experience

Heavy browsing of the web places various computers at risk of security, and having a sufficient private connection is necessary for many. Safe surfing the web can be achieved with the use of virtual private networks (VPNs), and iTop VPN represents one of the best options available. Learn more about what a VPN is, how to use it, and what are some of the benefits of specifically utilizing iTop VPN.

What is a VPN?

Essentially, VPNs are secure, strong links between a device and its connection to the internet. They protect a person’s online activity, identity, and personal data from unwanted hackers. 

Not only that, they encrypt data to make it unreadable in the eyes of those with malicious intent. As such, they prevent government authorities, criminals, and even internet service providers (ISPs) from monitoring personal activity and private data.

What is iTop VPN? How Do I Use It?

iTop VPN provides speedy service of virtual private networks and offers one of the best, free solutions. The technology utilizes 256-bit long encryption to protect your identity and keep it unknown. 

Furthermore, the free plan offers as much as 700 Mbs each day. It has over 1800 servers spread across 100 locations with exclusive gaming and streaming servers dedicated to premium users. Other tools to block ads, tracking software and malware are provided by the company with the main product as security reinforcement.

How It Works?

No account creation is required for free VPNs, and the same is true for iTop. Instead, simply connect your device to the VPN server by entering the correct information. Unlike many other competing VPN services, iTop VPN will never ask for confidential information like your credit card upfront unless you plan to get the premium version.

However, you are required to utilize certain network protocols in order to ensure that your data is safely encrypted. The majority of internet providers use Wide Guard protocols and open VPN. Conversely, iTop VPN utilizes a proxy connection with custom protocols to encrypt user data.

Pros and Cons of Using iTop VPN

The network provides a secure connection through the use of the public internet, including in libraries and coffee shops. It allows devices to stay protected from the reach of unauthorized agents and hackers. You are even able to access and unblock those social media apps, videos, music, and websites that you desire to interface with.

Its policy prohibits the developer from logging any behavior, and it provides a kill switch in the event a user’s internet connection suddenly fails. You are able to connect to a large array of dedicated servers in more worldwide countries than most competitors. 

Although it offers a free trial, its paid packages are incredibly affordable. The worldwide service access guarantees you have ease of access to streaming servers and gaming servers.

Unfortunately, being a free VPN means that the service has thousands of people using it at the same time, which negatively impacts its efficiency. Furthermore, it does not support the downloading of torrents through peer-to-peer file sharing.


Overall, to sum things up, iTop VPN offers an extremely competitive VPN service for Windows, Mac, Android and iOS with more than 1800 global servers. It’s an excellent option if you desire to test out a free VPN before committing payment. 

The speed is remarkable and allows for safe online activity and general browsing. But perhaps the best part of the whole deal is that it is one of the easiest services to set up across virtually any device.

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