Pros and Cons Related to MT4 Trading Platform

MT4 provides a high-quality trading platform, with fast and high-tech features. The main selling points of the platform are fast, reliable, high-efficiency, and user-friendly. Meta Trader 4 GlobeX360 is becoming more popular due to this platform. The trading platform provides access to the global market, international stock exchanges, and markets, and it supports cryptocurrencies and ICO (initial coin offering) trading.
Let’s review few pros and cons related to MT4:


  • Secur

The MT4 platform is very secure. The system is capable of providing a secure trading environment through the use of the LISK protocol. The users are also protected from malwares and other security threats.

  • Stable

The system is highly secure and very stable. The trading platform is protected from various kinds of threats and malwares. With LISK, it is impossible for any hacker to steal any account, thereby ensuring the security of the customer’s funds.

  • Reliable

MT4 is highly reliable. Any kind of natural disaster is not possible due to its security features. The system provides adequate support to the network to enable recovery in the case of disasters.

  • Ease of Use

The system is entirely in the hands of the customer, thus offering ease of use. The clients do not have to do anything to use the system. This reduces the risks and improves the performance.

  • Best Services

MT4 offers its users the best possible services. It ensures customers that their money will be safe and in no way will the system be shut down. This greatly eases the problem of high fees charged by most other trading platforms.

  • Compatible

With the system, any type of trading that is made through the platform can be fully trusted. The system is designed in such a way that traders are not bothered by the volume of traffic. This reduces the speed of trading and brings the transactions to a halt when a large number of traders want to make a trade. The system is compatible with most online and mobile trading platforms.
With the company, traders can trade from any country in the world. This is extremely helpful.


  • Expensive

The MT4 platform can be quite expensive for some traders. For example, an account can be established for as low as $10. Once the account is created, then the fees are charged per trade.
There are fees of $0.20 when making a trade. This fee is 0.01% of the trading amount, including any transaction fees. There is a flat fee of $0.08 for a per trade transaction, regardless of the transaction size or the volumes involved in the trades.

  • Security Breach

It is possible to face a security breach that can endanger the financial safety of the trader. This will give some traders a bad impression of the platform and the platform will lose some of the customers.


The MT4 trading platform is robust, reliable, and secure. It is also one of the most secure trading platforms in the market. The system is also very secure. However, there are some issues related to the system. The MT4 platform will not be popular with traders who are new to the trading industry and therefore will lose some of its existing clients. There are also several advantages that the MT4 platform offers. It all depends on your preferences.

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