The Best WhatsApp Privacy and Security Settings You Should Know in 2022

WhatsApp, one of the most popular messaging apps, is often penalized for privacy issues. For both Android and iPhone, it offers, WhatsApp’s Top 5 Privacy Features. This post will help you to keep your WhatsApp information private and secure. Let’s start this party.

How to Use WhatsApp Privacy and Security Settings

WhatsApp allows you to turn off the index Keeping visibility from below your name in the chat series. Or, you can limit it to your contacts only and not show it to everyone.

Change Who Can View Your Status Updates

By default, status update status is set to My Contacts. But you can choose from my contacts without sharing them Only. The first one allows you to block people from viewing your status, while the latter allows you to authorize people. Also read WHATSAPP HIDDEN FEATURES 2022.

Turn off Blue Ticks in 2022

If you disable read receipts, you will no longer see green tags from other users on your phone.
Disabling read receipts does not apply to group discussions.
By disabling read receipts, some will not know when you see their WhatsApp status. You also lose the ability to see who’s viewing your status updates.

Delete Messages Automatically

Regular WhatsApp messages stay in conversation unless you delete it manually. What if there was a feature where the messages would automatically disappear after some time? Fortunately, it is possible with messages that disappear on WhatsApp. Messages will disappear after 7 days to send them in both conversations. This feature is available for individual and group discussions.

To enable disappearing messages, open chat dialog and tap a contact or group name at the top. Tap Disappearing Messages and enable it on the next screen.

Stop Media Not From Gallery or Camera Roll

By default, any media you download to WhatsApp will appear in your phone’s gallery or Camera Roll. But you can stop the downloaded media from appearing in your phone’s gallery.

Keep a Check on Linked Devices

You should always check which other devices have access to your WhatsApp account. It is possible for someone to gain access to your WhatsApp account with the help of the connected devices feature.

On Android, open WhatsApp and press the three dot icon. Select connected devices from the menu. Here you will see all the devices to access your WhatsApp. Tap on the device and press the Exit button.


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