Types of Cardigans You Must Not Miss

Well, if you have not been able to know properly what really a cardigan is, well, it is a type of knitted sweater that has conventionally made of wool and even designed with an open front. This type of well-known garment was not really worn until around the times of mid-1800s, so it has a kind of a short history. 

Cropped Cardigan

As the name says it all, these cardigans mostly reach right below the chest zone, and they are mostly made of lacy or quite thin materials. They are mostly meant to go with that of lengthy dresses that have printed fabrics, where their solid colors accent the dress, and with the right type of nightgowns. More often than not, cropped cardigans possess buttons or hooks down the front, although many of these are even designed to be left simply open.

Cropped cardigans are mostly made of materials like that of lace, knitted-wool, linen, linen-cotton, and even cashmere. Relying on what these are actually made of, they can go with either dressy or that of more casual outfits, and they mostly even have three-quarters or even short sleeves. 

Belted Cardigan

Belted cardigans are somewhat fashionable, and they are mostly fairly long, but that does not really mean they don’t keep you warm. Most of these types of sweaters are formed of materials like that of knitted-wool, cashmere, linen, and linen-cotton. The only possible disadvantage of the belted cardigan is that it must be avoided if you are plump or even that of overweight because the belt actually calls attention to your midriff zone. This is the reason why only people with well-toned, slim bodies mostly prefer to wear a belted cardigan. After all, it calls attention to all of your less-than-ideal type of areas. Anyhow, you have no idea how cool these belted cardigans look on women. Try them out for your suffice.

After all, these belted cardigans can be long as well as somewhat short, so you can easily find them in a diversity of lengths. In addition, they appear to be wonderful with jeans, stockings, leggings, dress slacks, and even that of high boots. Relying on their length and what they are actually formed up of, these cardigans go really well with both casual and that of dressy clothing.

Long Cardigan

These cardigans are quite similar to open cardigans, but they are a lot longer. They mostly reach down to the length of your ankles or maybe just below the knee, and they are even ideal when used as a substitute for long coats. In fact, according to CHICWISH, in case you don’t wish to carry around a bulky or that of additionallarge overcoat, a long cardigan will probably offer the same advantages, and they are a lot easier to carry as well. These cardigans usually have either a zipper or huge buttons on the front of the cardigan, and in case you are lean or thin, they are going to look just right. In fact, these long cardigans are mostly very dressy, even though you might also wear them to your casual events.


So, enhance your looks with the different types of cardigans today!

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