Types of Promo Codes

Promo codes may appear simple on the surface. A brand offers a code that customers enter in a box, and magically, their discounts appear. But like any other thing in life, promo codes are complex. Businesses have multiple types of promo codes, and they all function differently. Understanding their differences will give you a successful checkout experience rather than a frustrating experience. Below is a guide to help you understand the different types of promo codes.

  1. Fixed Dollar Amount Off Promo Codes

Fixed dollar amount promo codes provide a fixed discount price on an order subtotal or certain menu items. While the promo code is uncommon, there are times when stores offer discounts in dollar amounts.  For example, a store may offer a discount of 10% off a 50% purchase.

When looking at the minimum spending targets, most stores don’t count shipping and tax. This becomes displeasing when the price of items in the store is $49.99, and you have to purchase another item to redeem the $10 off $50 purchase discount.

  1. Personal Referral Codes

Most stores offer referral codes to their shoppers that they can share and refer others and earn cash rewards, freebies, or points. In most cases, personal referral promo codes offer great discounts like 20% off. Different brands that offer personal referral promo codes include Google Express, Uber, and Boxed.

  1. Free Shipping Promo Codes

Free shipping is one of the most accessible promo codes to decode. The promotion reduces an order’s shipping cost to 0%. These promo codes often have a set minimum spending requirement, but stores make it straightforward in their emails, and the entrances are not unreasonable.

  1. Clearance-Only Promo Codes

Customers often get the best value from the Clearance-Only promo codes. When stores are concerned about offloading overstocked or outdated items, they often give exceptional clearance deals and release promotional codes that offer a steeper discount on the already reduced clearance prices.

However, it is good to remember that clearance stock promo codes are unpredictable and forever changing. The odd of knowing whether an item is sold out or available in the preferences you want is higher than with the standard inventory.

  1. BOGO Promo Codes

BOGO means Buy One Get One Free, and it is one of the popular offered promo codes. While the promo code can offer substantial savings, they are effective on different items than others. For example, It makes perfect sense to get two skincare items but getting two similar skirts is unworthy.

It is often rare to combine a BOGO promo code with another discount. This brings in a point of discussion on Duplicate and Discounts. Unless you need similar items, it is better to consider another promo code such as the ones available on GreenPromoCode.com and receive more significant discounts.

  1. Store-Wide Percentage

These are the best promo codes in different ways. They generally apply on a stated percent off and are applicable on the entire inventory of online stores.

Some department stores like Taylor and Macy’s are famous for giving a store-wide percentage off discounts with a list of host of exclusions in the fine print. It is one of the best marketing plans, but the codes become worthless for specific items that average customers want to purchase in most cases.



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