What should I look for when hiring an accounting firm?

Choosing an accounting firm to work with at your business is a big decision. It’s an investment of your time and you want your final choice to be the right one.

It’s not only about knowledge and information but also that you can build a strong and robust working relationship with the firm or person. Learn what you should look for when hiring a professional accounting firm so you can succeed with this task.

Goal Setting Opportunities

Some accountants or services will offer an opportunity to set goals and monitor your company’s financial progress. Look for this option when deciding which accounting service to work with. It can be very helpful to you, especially if you’re just starting out and are in the learning and growth phase. Find out the policy and process related to goal setting so you know what to expect.

Fees & Cost

Always ask about and compare fees and costs when hiring an accounting firm. The last situation you want is to have surprises when the bill comes. Check what tiers and levels of service they offer and which option may best fit your needs and budget. Some firms will charge a set rate for tasks and others may charge you by the minute and for every phone call you make to them. Read the fine print and make sure you understand the charges before hiring an accounting firm to handle your books.

Expertise & Certification

A few other important aspects when weighing your outsourcing options for accounting is the firm’s or accountant’s expertise and certifications. The professionals you hire should be experts in the field and up to speed with the latest accounting techniques or approaches and tools and software. Find out what certifications they have and if they’ll be offering you any advice as you go.


Each company’s needs are different when it comes to overall knowledge and how often you’ll want to get in touch with your accounting service. You may only need to meet with them during tax season or maybe you require more frequent contact to have your business questions answered. Find out what’s included with your package and how to best get in touch and how easy it is to do so.

Personal Connection

You must have some level of trust between you and your business and your accountant. You must feel comfortable discussing your financial situation and needs and to be able to be honest with this person or the firm you’re working with. Meet with potential options and make sure you don’t feel intimidated and that the person you would be working with doesn’t use a lot of jargon and words you don’t understand.


If you’re looking to hire an accounting firm then you should take these different areas and aspects into consideration as you narrow down your options. It can be a tough choice and may take some time before you find the right fit. Remember that each company has unique needs and there isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution but that applying this advice will help you make a choice.

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