Why Kraft boxes are best to pack heavy products?


Kraft paper is used to make Kraft boxes and other packaging items. Especially to pack large and heavy goods, these boxes are mandatory. It is because the material is durable. It is a strong material that can be used for packing heavy items. Kraft paper is thicker and more durable than normal brown Kraft paper and is more tear-resistant. For this reason, Kraft cardboard is ideal for large items or products with sharp edges. In addition, Kraft packaging is an inexpensive way to pack heavy items. It is reasonable compared to other types of materials, such as metal containers, which are much more expensive.

However, goods in bulk quantity need good packaging more. It is because if the packaging is not suitable for the goods, then it might get damaged. In addition, most of the goods go through the process of shipping. The shipping becomes safe when the goods are packed in custom Kraft boxes. These boxes can bear the weight of the goods which is the additive advantage Further, transportation become convenient and fast.

Why Kraft material is more beneficial than other materials?

Further, unlike cardboard boxes, Kraft material does not get rust easily. However, Kraft material does not require any special attention for disposal. It is because they are biodegradable; you do not have to worry about contamination as you would with plastic materials if you recycle them properly. Kraft is a rough-surfaced brown paper made from recycled fibers. Further, to print a Kraft box, you need water-based inks so that they do not damage your product. Also, the high-quality ecological printing techniques and a digital printer make printing way easier than ever. For many years, companies use Kraft material to ship goods from one place to another. They give consignment to big packaging firms. They make custom Kraft boxes in bulk and also print the label of the company to make the packaging known.

The best thing about this printing technique is how cheap it is per unit compared to other printing methods such as screen printing or lithography. Kraft cartons, Kraft paper bags, and Kraft bags are examples of heavy Kraft packaging. This heavy-duty power plant is ideal for items that require a high level of protection against damage during transportation or storage. In addition, other materials such as plastic and polyethylene do not provide resistance to the goods. This is because the package is easily damaged. Therefore, Kraft materials are by far the most suitable for packing heavy objects.

How Kraft boxes Wholesale make shipping easy of fragile items

You can use this box to pack fragile items such as glass, ceramics, and porcelain that require extra care when handling as they are easy to break if not packaged properly. For binding all kinds of fragile goods together, the seller uses a special packaging material that is strong enough to resist the tear and wear in the traveling. However, people who want high-quality products also deserve to have their orders delivered as quickly as possible. Some people will wait a little longer for high-quality materials to arrive at their doorstep. Without a doubt, custom packaging boxes are of the utmost importance for providing excellent customer service with every purchase. Individual packaging enhances the appearance and functionality of your products. You can use this to distinguish yourself from other online businesses by using Kraft boxes.

When launching Kraft boxes wholesale, ensure that the customer always has the best possible experience. Customers who want quality products should expect to receive their order in the most convenient way possible. Some people want to make sure they get what they pay for. If the product is personalized, the package must also be included. Further, people who want quality products should be able to get them fast. Customers get what they paid for on the promised terms along with the right type of packaging material. This is especially important when the product is customized and requires a unique package.

How do e-commerce businesses get to benefit from such packaging?


Often e-commerce businesses need such custom packaging boxes. It is because they have to ship their stock to the warehouse or go down. That is the reason they need large boxes to put all the goods and send to the destination. Also, you can fill up the empty holes with the newspaper and bubble sheet. This will protect the goods from moving and breakage. Further, the e-commerce seller can avail Kraft boxes wholesale. Which are not low on budget but also give boxes in bulk. However, as we all know, the competition in e-commerce is also getting tough day by day. So the seller has to be aware of the trend of the boxes. Most of the companies have the same shape and size of the packaging, but they differ in design. Often we see many products such as tea products. Each brand has an original design of the box but the size and shape will be identical to the other brands. Here are some benefits of using heavy boxes for e-commerce business, in order to boost sales.

Benefits of using heavy boxes

  • The weight of the goods – the heavier the objects, the more they need safe packaging to transport them.
  • Vulnerability – Since vulnerable products are more likely to break during shipping, they need to be protected.
  • Product Value – Attractive packaging and protection from high-quality products may require additional investment.
  • As some of your customers would like to reuse Kraft boxes, consider branded packaging to make a lasting impression.


  • This practice also helps to improve your brand image, resulting in customer returns, referrals, orders, and profits.



The Kraft boxes are sturdier than any other material. It is because they are more flexible and printing is easy on them. Further, for heavy objects, e-commerce businesses, this packaging material is ideal. Many businesses use them as their signature style by just putting their label on the boxes. Thus, the heavy goods need extra coverage for protection to reach their destination.

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