Best Final Fantasy Game Of All Times

For many players, Final Fantasy is a series that needs no introduction. The game spans more platform generations than you can rely on on the one hand, and is arguably one of the most prolific and highly regarded series in gaming history. 

With the next game in the series, Final Fantasy 16, in the works, there’s never been a better time to dive into this iconic franchise. 

While the term “RPG” became a catchy genre, encompassing a dizzying array of titles with nothing in common,  in the 1990s there was a brand of video games that was the ultimate RPG. Yes, we’re talking Final Fantasy from Square Enix. 

But where do you start even if you’re new to Final Fantasy? Most best Final Fantasy games are at least decent, while many are excellent and some are masterpieces. With the latest release of the remake of the legendary Final Fantasy VII, we have decided to list all the best Final Fantasy games. Here is the list of best final fantasy game ranked.

1. Final Fantasy VII Remake – Best Final Fantasy Pc Game

Including Final Fantasy VII Remake here seems a bit of an exaggeration, as the name would also be on this list, but the breathed life in Midgar allows for a new combination of nostalgia and unknown complexity. That’s not to say every change is extraordinary — I’m still unsure of the scenario in President Shinra’s office — but the end result is an enlightening revelation of the dystopian metropolis of Shinra. The remake also serves as a replacement for the more action-oriented Final Fantasy titles that dominated the last decade of games in the series, of which the remakes are arguably the best.  It is one of the best final fantasy game of all time.

After years of waiting, Final Fantasy VII Remake was released with the consensus that it was just “good enough”. While things could have been much worse, they could also have been a lot better. Linear gameplay and over-the-top chapters weigh on what should be a visually stunning and enjoyable game. That said, it’s still Final Fantasy VII, and the expanded  Midgar version is still a must-try. It is also the best final fantasy pc game.

Final Fantasy VII Remake - Best Final Fantasy Pc Game

2. Final Fantasy – ​​Best Final Fantasy Ds Game

The early entries in the series, as well as the origin stories of all these famous games, are the very definition of the franchise and the black sheep franchise. The absence of any particular characterization – name your character, or simply known as  “Warriors of Light” – is unusual in this series and gives this edition a bland vibe. However, there are traditional skill trees, great Uematsu music, and dungeons that may be just as challenging as those in the game. And one of my favorite class upgrades is the one offered at the end of the game. 

The reverence for being genuine only goes so far. And on our list, this is level B. Final Fantasy launched the franchise and will always be remembered as a game-changing game. But it’s also very old, and looks very old. 

The game has a pretty basic villain and no really identifiable characters. But it set the standard for RPG gameplay and still has great nostalgia value today. 

Final Fantasy - ​​Best Final Fantasy Ds Game

3. Final Fantasy X – Best Final Fantasy Game On Ps4

Can it be argued that Final Fantasy X was one of the first three Final Fantasy games? Possible. But here’s the thing: Final Fantasy X is as good today as it was in 2001. The PlayStation 2 has improved the graphics, making the Asian-inspired Spira region and character models more realistic than ever. Final Fantasy X is the ultimate linear experience with vast and varied environments, as well as dungeons with some excellent puzzles. 

Final Fantasy X also offers the most romantic love story in the history of the series. It’s an ongoing pleasure to see Tidus and Yuna’s friendship blossom as she joins him in his quest to defeat Sin. The footage, which included full voice acting for the first time, was spectacular and still looks great to this day. Yes, we love the famous laugh moment because Tidus and Yuna are so in love. The story is told entirely from Tidus’ point of view,  more focused than other Final Fantasy storylines. Granted, sometimes it’s trivial, but it’s the little things that actually increase the impact. 

FF10 further mixes things up with the unique Sphere Grid system, which circumvents the traditional levels for giant boards where each individual character can be assigned stats and perks. It’s a unique approach to building stats, of course, but a lot of fun in its novelty. 

Final Fantasy 10 also features the controversial minigame Blitzball, which can be quite addictive if you allow yourself to learn its intricate mechanics. The modern equivalent would likely be Gwent from The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, as Blitzball is big enough to be a game in itself, completely distracting players from the main story if desired. 

Just like Final Fantasy 9, 10 is already available on all platforms thanks to  Final Fantasy 10/102 HD Remaster, which packs FF10 and its whimsical sequels into one affordable package. This version also greatly improves several aspects of the 10, including adding a completely new spherical grid to experiment with. It is one of the best final fantasy games for ps4.

Final Fantasy X

4. Final Fantasy XII – Best Final Fantasy Game Switch

Final Fantasy XII HD remake for PS4, Xbox One, PC, and Switch reveals an unspoken fact about the 2006 PS2 classic: it’s a  work of contemporary art. Final Fantasy XII has been controversial among fans because it is the first major non-MMO game to abandon casual combat in favor of real-time combat. It’s hard to compare Final Fantasy XII to other Final Fantasy games because the gameplay is so different. Final Fantasy XII  still has no rival more than a decade later, which is why it ranks so high on this list. It is also the ​​best final fantasy game on switch.

The dazzling universe of Ivalice is full of interesting individuals and highly designed settings. Due to the gambit system and modified Limit Break mechanism dubbed Quickenings, the combat, which is technically known as the Active Dimensional Battle system, is deep.

Although the opening hours of Final Fantasy XII are not as exciting as other top-rated Final Fantasy games as the world opens up and you get used to the novel combat system, Realm of Ivalice maintains one of the richest and most enjoyable games. Final Fantasy experiences available. 

Final Fantasy XII

5. Final Fantasy XV – Best Final Fantasy Mobile Game

 Square Enix developed and published Final Fantasy XV, an action role-playing game. It is the fifteenth main entry in the Final Fantasy franchise. The game was released on November 29, 2016, for  PlayStation 4 and Xbox One and on March 6, 2018, for  PC as  Windows Edition. 

The narrative is divided into 15 chapters. The focus is on Noctis Lucis Caelum, a prince from Lucis’s kingdom who struggles to regain the throne from him and then has a greater destiny to fulfill. Final Fantasy XV strives to examine the humanity of its characters and present them in a more realistic setting than previous Final Fantasy games. His main themes are friendship, destiny, and legacy. 

Square Enix produced a multimedia project for the game called “Final Fantasy XV Universe”, which includes some spinoff games, an anime series, and a feature film. Game and story-based DLCs were released between 2017 and 2019. Final Fantasy XV received positive reviews from critics when it was first released. This game shows that not all creative risks are worth it. The reality is that the whole experience didn’t seem like Final Fantasy, and there is a strong western RPG aspect at play here. Final Fantasy XV is an open-world action RPG that dispenses with random encounters in favor of a real-time combat system. 

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Final Fantasy XV - Best Final Fantasy Mobile Game

6. Final Fantasy IX – Best Final Fantasy Game To Start With

Final Fantasy IX basically does everything right. It is one of the best final fantasy game for pc, so you can discover this beauty through the big screen. Developed as a return to the series ‘form, IX is a beautiful conglomeration of everything that’s great about the series’ first six entries – diverse class-centric characters in a mythical/medieval context, combined with the inevitable momentum. so new and innovative in the industry often demands. As I wrote in my request for a Final Fantasy IX remake, the upshot is that every aspect of the game is an odd hybrid made up of many of the best metaphorical links left by previous games in the series. 

Add in the great soundtrack, which I present as the best of the entire series, and a world full of myths, historical events (the “Aircraft Revolution”, Burmese genocides), and wonderful searches and finds of chocobos (chocolate bars), IX has no actual cracks in the armor. I could probably complain that Necron ends up appearing out of nowhere like some kind of god villain, but I can allow it. 

Final Fantasy IX

7. Final Fantasy XIV

 If you are looking for a game that you can play long-term,  Final Fantasy 14 Online is the place for you. The game got off to an extremely bumpy start when it launched in 2010, but since the relaunch of A Realm Reborn in 2013, the popular MMO massively multiplayer online game has continued to reach new heights. The latest expansion to FF14, Shadowbringers, wowed players when it launched with its heartfelt story, as well as a litany of new gameplay enhancements and impressive areas to explore. 

As an MMO, you must learn what makes FF14 work. Its cooldown-based real-time combat and control methods are not like previous games. But when you’re ready to learn the intricacies of how FF14 works,  one of the best experiences online awaits, with an incredibly friendly community. 

Best of all? Final Fantasy 14 is readily available. If you have never played before, Final Fantasy 14 offers a free trial that includes a whole kingdom Reborn, as well as the expansion of the award-winning heaven, so that you can play at level 60 without game restrictions.

The series’ iconic job system allows you to play all classes with a single character. However, keep in mind that some are blocked until you buy each extension. 

Final Fantasy XIV 

What’s The Best Final Fantasy Game To Start With?

Any of the best Final Fantasy game released in the late 90s and early 2000s, possibly the franchise’s golden age, can make great early games. While some players choose to start with the FF7 remake over 1997 original, both games feature compelling characters and storytelling. With Final Fantasy 8 recently remastered, it’s now easier than ever to play. And while newer entries like FF15 are heavily geared towards ActionRPG mechanics, FF10 is a more traditional turn-based RPG (and a fan favorite). Due to the improvement in accessibility and quality of life, many of the newer FF games can be good games to start with, even if they don’t really represent the previous years of the franchise. 

However, Final Fantasy 9 is arguably the best fantasy game to start with because it is the best representation of the series. The ad for ATB, an iconic mechanic in the 90s entries, is present, and popular FF creatures like Chocobos and Moogles are prominently featured. The game has older FF tropes like Crystals and Elemental Shrines, and there are many recalls from previous titles almost everything in the Treno auction house is indicative of older Final Fantasy items and characters. Yet this blends beautifully with the new sci-fi and steampunk aesthetic that has defined the series for the past twenty years.

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Best Final Fantasy Tactics Game

Final Fantasy Tactics has undoubtedly become the most popular FF spin-off game among fans. As a result (and in keeping with the contemporary Final Fantasy tradition), it is also one of the many, many Final Fantasy games with numerous versions. Choosing which version of FFT to play takes nearly as much strategy as the in-game combat. Almost.

Ambitious fans have even gone to considerable efforts to combine key versions of Final Fantasy Tactics, creating a “Version 1.3” that combines the greatest components into a single “new” game. And if the fans and modding community can’t agree on a “best version,” you can guarantee it’s a difficult decision.

Discover The World Of Best Fantasy Games

For more than 30 years, the Final Fantasy franchise has released fifteen main games, a handful of direct sequels, and countless spin-offs. Those looking to enter the series for the first time may feel a bit overwhelmed by all the options available. What is the best final fantasy game? The FF series is so diverse and each entry is somewhat unique, it can be even more difficult to limit yourself to one game at first, and plus they are all great. However, some best Final Fantasy games are more accessible and easier to learn than others.

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